I’ve Reached My Goal Weight. How To Maintain It?

No doubt I’m a late bloomer and this post comes in a bit late too. It’s mid July already and I felt like it’s time to reflect what I’ve achieved in the first half of 2018 and really set focus on what needs to be done in the second half of this year.

I’m not going to touch upon everything here but only mention a small win I had so far this year. I achieved my goal weight, finally. Every year at the beginning of the past 6 years, I’d write down my goals on a piece of paper. One of them has always been this one: Drop down to 55kgs. My weight doesn’t fluctuate too much so there were only 3 – 5 kgs to lose but I never did manage it until this year.

There’s been a popular saying, “If you can’t control your weight, how can you control your life?” True, I’d never ever really put any effort to control my weight (or waist line). I never ever tried to control my life! All I did was to write down my ideas on a piece of paper and never took any action. It really hit me one day that I felt like a failure, some one who only dreams but never tries to achieve any smallest goals. So I decided to focus on this goal first then tackle other aspects in my life.

It’s worth mentioning that I did loose weight very quickly once, unintentionally. My weight went down below 54kg in 2011. I never paid attention to my weight at that time until a lot people commented “Wow, you are slimming down.” Looking back, loosing weight quickly was an inevitable result. I was doing Power Yoga in a heated studio in the morning. Went to dancing at night for hours and then walked all the way back home for at least 2 months non-stop. I sweat  A LOT almost every day and had dinner long before bedtime (after midnight), until I had an injury and never went back to Yoga and dancing again. By the end of that year, I went to 59kgs and stayed around 58- 60 for a long time.

As I get older, it’s harder to loose weight especially when I’m not over-weight. The lifestyle I had in 2011 is not going to be sustainable so there must be other ways to get back to shape.

How did I loose 5 kgs this time without exercising or starving myself?

1. Cut down soy sauce, carbs and sugar

I don’t believe soy sauce or sushi rolls are healthy food now. It took me years to realise over consuming soy sauce and rice will only make me fatter. I’m a big fan of biscuits, muffins and cakes… anything sweet. So I cut down all of the above and have lots of fish and meat instead.

2. Control portion

I’m a bit eater and could easily finish one whole bag of large potato or corn chips, packed with flavour in one go. I still have chips now, just very few of them.

3. Keep it slow but steady

Loosing weight and keeping them off is just like everything in life. I had to remind myself that there’s no quick fix or short cut. Just be mindful of my journey and stay in control. And it worked.

Admittedly I’m still not happy with my life. Haha.. are you surprised? But people say learn to celebrate small wins so I’m having loads of carbs again. Carbs and cakes me make me happy.
Seriously though, I wonder if my weight can be maintained this way. The only option is to keep applying self control and perhaps incorporate some exercise routine. The ultimate goal is to be slim and healthy not skinny fat.
Good bye 1st half of 2018 and bring it on the 2nd half! Let’s see what we’ll end up with by the end of 2018.
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