Top Tips that will Help you To Read Books Faster


If you don’t read very often then you will know how frustrating it can be to pick up a book for the first time in months. You may find it hard to concentrate and you may also find it hard to maintain your level of focus as well. This can all be avoided if you read more, so if you want to get through any book faster then you can find out whatever you need to know right here.

Preview the Text

When you view a film trailer, you get the chance to find out what the film is about before you start to watch it. The same concept applies to books. You need to preview a book before you get stuck into reading it because it will give you a good understanding of whatever you are about to read. If you want to preview a text then try and scan it from beginning to end. You need to pay notable attention to the subheadings and even the titles of each chapter as well. This will help you to understand the next parts that you need to read so this is very important for you to keep in mind.

Plan Out Your Attack

When you start reading a text, you need to think about your goals. You need to know more

about what you want to learn by reading the material and you also need to write down any questions that you need to get answered as well. you then need to try and find out the overall goal from the author as well, so that you can go into the book knowing what you are going to learn about or even what you are going to read. If you only need certain information from the

book then skip to the sections that are able to offer this information to you.

Be Mindful

When you are trying to read a long book, you have to make sure that you can stay focused and you also have to minimise any external distractions as well. A lot of readers read sentences passively and they do it without focus as well. They read fast but they have no idea what they have just read. By the end of the page, they spend more time going back to understand certain phrases and this can take up a lot of time. For this reason, you need to try and read actively so you can understand the phrases that you are reading the first-time around. This will save you a ton of time in the long-run. If you are still struggling, consider looking into Effortless English to see if you can get some more help there.

Don’t Focus on Every Word

If you want to increase your reading speed then you need to try and pay attention to your eyes. You can speed-read in inch-long chunks in most cases, so use your eyes and move in a scanning motion. Jump from one-inch chunk to the next and skip three to five words at a time. You can count on your peripheral vision to help you with this and it will help you out with the rest.

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