Is Road Tripping The New Best Way To Travel?

If you are hoping to spend some time getting away from it all this year, you’ll likely have a lot of planning to do. Perhaps you are someone who likes to go on a big, exotic, extravagant all-inclusive package holiday, or maybe you much prefer a simple quiet sit by the beach. For many, there is nothing better than simply getting in the car and driving in any direction, not caring too much where they will end up or even how long they will be gone. If you quite like the idea of road tripping, but you have never actually done it in the past, you might want to think about it as a possible way to travel next time around.

As it happens, it is one of the more exciting ways to see a country, and you might find that there is a joy in it which you simply don’t get with many other kinds of travel. In this post, we will look at road tripping in some detail, to help you get excited and plan for yours. First, we will discuss some of the practical ideas concerning how to get the most out of a road trip, then we will talk about some important safety and security elements. Finally, we will look into some of the best parts of the world to go road tripping.

The Practicalities

First up, let’s talk about some of the more practical aspects of taking a road trip. As exciting as it might be, you till need to make sure that you are adequately prepared, just as you would be for any other kind of trip. Fortunately, many people have trodden this particular path before, and you should find that it is fairly easy to get yourself ready for your own road trip in good time. So what are some of the most critical practical concerns which you might need to focus on here?

For one thing, you need to make sure that you have a rough idea, at least, of where you are going. You don’t necessarily need to plan it all out perfectly, although if you do that could be a fine way to travel and see a lot of any particular country. But you should at least know a few stopping-points which you would like to take, so that you can appreciate if nothing else the length of the drive you are about to undertake. You should also make sure that you know where many restrooms, restaurants, and hotels are along the way, so that you don’t get lost out in the middle of nowhere with nothing around to help you out. Carrying a tent could be a good idea here, just in case you do get stuck somewhere.

Beyond that, another hugely important practicality you will need to think about is the cost. Your primary cost, of course, is going to be the fuel, and you need to make sure that you are going to be able to afford a journey of the distance that you want to make. You will also need to budget for food, any accommodation you might need at any point, and for any excursions or sights you might want to see along the way too. As long as you plan for your finances, you will find it considerably easier to be able to make your road trip work out successfully.

Once you have the route and the money sorted, you are pretty much there – unless, of course, you don’t yet have a suitable vehicle to travel in. You need a car you can trust, and which you feel is going to safely take you the whole way without complaining along the way. These can be hard to come by, and you, in particular, will want to make a point of servicing the vehicle before you go, to make sure that you are driving something you can trust for that kind of distance. This is important even for a shorter road trip.

PAs you can see, there are plenty of practical issues you need to be aware of. But you also need to make sure that you are staying safe, which is a whole issue in itself.

Your Safety

If you don’t make a point of focusing on your own safety and the safety of those around you, it is much less likely that you will be able to enjoy your journey, mainly if something untoward does actually occur and you end up in trouble somewhere. Fortunately, it is relatively straightforward to make sure that you are remaining safe and secure while on the road, and in this section, we will look at some of the essential things you should consider doing in order to keep yourself and your fellow travellers as safe as possible. If nothing else, this will also help you to enjoy your road trip as fully as you would hope to.

We have already looked briefly at the issue of finding a car that you feel you can fully trust. This is one of the most vital things you need to think about, as if you can’t trust it you can’t be sure that you are a going to remain perfectly safe – and that will ruin your experience and enjoyment of the whole road trip, in turn. So what are some of the road trip car safety checks you should be making before you set out on such a journey? As it happens, some of the most important are the really obvious and commonplace ones. You should, for instance, make sure that you check your oil and water levels just before you go, topping up whatever is necessary to be topped up. You should check the tyre pressures too, and inflate them to the desired psi for your tyre type and size. That will make accidents considerably less likely, and breakdowns less likely too. You should also make sure, as we have said briefly already, that your vehicle has recently been serviced, so that you can entrust it as fully as possible.

POnce you are on the road, it is vital to drive as safely as you can. It can be all too easy, when you are driving for long periods of time, to accidentally slip into some bad habits, or even to find yourself almost dozing at the wheel. You must make sure that you pull over or swap to another driver as soon as you start to feel drowsy. If you don’t, the consequences could be absolutely fatal, and it’s not a situation that you will want to find yourself in if you can help it. Drive slow, pay attention to the local laws and road signs, and make sure that you are retaining your common sense at all times. These simple things will ensure that you can remain safe, and that those you are travelling with can remain safe along the way as well. That will mean you come back from your road trip in one piece, but also that you enjoy it considerably more along the way.

Remaining safe is hugely important. But it’s also important that you enjoy yourself actively, and one of the most essential ingredients in that is enjoying the places that you are visiting and the surrounding country. So where are some of the best road trips in the world?

Top Road Trip Locations

If you want to enjoy your road trip fully, you need to make sure above all else that you are happy with the route you are taking. You may already have somewhere in mind, but if not – or if you are still open to new possibilities anyway – here are some of the world’s best road trips you might want to think about taking.

PCabot Trail, Canada. This 298 km road is one of the longest road trips you might care to take, and as such it is not for the faint of heart. But it is worthwhile, with some of the most stunning scenery anywhere in the world, and a beautiful variation of landscape to take in along the way. This beautiful Nova Scotia surrounding is going to honestly take your breath away – and why not consider staying at some of Canada’s amazing lodges while you’re at it?

Snowdonia, Wales. If you would instead prefer something a little shorter, then how about this 70-mile journey around this beautiful part of Northern Wales? If you are in that part of the world already, this is one of your best choices, and you will even get to see some stunning views of one of the three highest peaks in the British Isles.

PThe Garden Route, South Africa. Finally, if you are keen to get out there and be exotic, you must consider this top road trip in South Africa. Known for its fascinating sights and explorative sense, it’s not for the faint of heart – but it is indeed incredible to experience.

As you can see, road tripping can be a truly fantastic way to see the world, so long as you know what you are doing, where you are going, and how to make the most of it.

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