How to Travel Lighter

When we go on vacation we tend to take a lot more luggage with us than we really need to. This is something that could become a bit of an issue at the airport when they weigh your luggage. However, you can travel lighter and still have everything you need while you’re on vacation. So how is this possible? Read on for more great ideas:

Take Smaller Luggage

One of the first things you need to do is use a much smaller suitcase. If you plan to take a big suitcase on vacation you’re more likely to fill it. Using a smaller suitcase or even a backpack will mean you have to pack less.

Plan your Outfits

We all know how tempting it is to pack as many outfits as possible but this could result in you taking too many clothes with you. Think about what you’re going to wear and where you’re going to wear it. The next step is to check the temperature in your chosen destination as this will ensure you’ll pack what you need.

Pack Lightweight Clothes

If you can, and if the weather permits pack lightweight clothes. Jeans, for example, weigh much more than linen trousers. If you want more clothes-related ideas you’ll find that many vacation companies have a few tips so check their website for more information.

Don’t Pack your Suitcase Yet

Another great way for you to help you travel lighter is to pack your clothes etc. outside of your suitcase. This will help you to see how much you’re taking with you and allow you to re-think some of those items of clothing.

Take Fewer Toiletries

When we go on vacation we want to make sure we have all the toiletries we need. However, here is where we can end up packing more than we really need to. Try to use take smaller bottles with you while making sure you use the soap and shampoo that the hotel provides. Using the hotel’s toiletries is not only part of the price you’d paid to stay there it also means you can pack less.

One trick that will ensure you take fewer toiletries with you is to purchase those reusable travel bottles that come with a screw top or flip lid. When you fill one of these bottles up with shampoo, for example, you’re unlikely to need very much more. The same can be said for shower gel and hand lotion. These bottles can usually hold enough shampoo etc. for at least one week.

Wash your Clothes

If you have the chance to you should wash your clothes so you can wear them another day. This will prevent you from having to take a different outfit for each day. If your hotel does not have a laundry you can usually find laundry powder for sale in one of the local shops. As you can see, it’s perfectly possible for you to travel lighter. Use the above tips the next time you’re about to go on vacation and your suitcase

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