Find Your Smile Again


Today reminders to smile are everywhere, from emojis in your text messages to magnet on your fridge, smiles are almost impossible to ignore. Only almost, but smiling is a lot more tricky than it seems. In fact, there are 19 different types of smile, but only 6 happen when you’re actually having a pleasant time. The rest is related to pain, discomfort, awkwardness, embarrassment and even anger. A smile, the universal symbol of happiness, is, unfortunately, more often used as a mask to hide your unhappiness. Finding your true smile in a jungle of fakes can be an endless hunt for the right conditions.  


One of the most common factors behind a fake smile is stress. You smile at others – colleagues, friends, family – merely as a way of maintaining the peace. Nobody can suspect your distress if you smile. It’s a form of defence mechanism, but unfortunately, the fake sake doesn’t convey any joy. It’s a smile of misery. Shake away your tensions with acupuncture, relying on Soothe Acupuncture and Tui Na Bodywork therapies to relax your body. When the tensions disappear, your real smile can turn up. You might find as well as some of your health complaints, such as sleep issues or digestive problems, have gone in the process.

Look after your teeth

The embarrassed smile, tight-lips and eyes looking away, is more common than you think. More often than not it affects people who don’t feel confident about their smile. They are worried that their teeth may not be presentable, and as a result, choose to grace the world with a tight-lip sign of appreciation. If you are concerned about the look of your teeth, you need to put your smile into the hands of an expert who can help you to improve its appearance. From straightening to whitening, and even looking after broken or damaged teeth, a dentist can give you the smile of your dreams. All it takes is to gather the courage to make an appointment. A word of encouragement: Going to the dentist doesn’t hurt.

Surround yourself with positive people

An angry smile is a smile that tenses the lower part of your face. The jaws are clenched. The teeth are ground against each other. The eyes are narrow. It’s not a smile that shares happiness. It’s a smile that expresses a silent pain. Most commonly, you’ll find an angry smile in offices or among groups of people, as it is often provoked by your surroundings. Spending more time with the positive people in your life can help you to find your true smile back. Additionally, inspiring people are a beneficial force in your life. They push you forward and inspire you to become a better person. A person who can be proud of their achievements. A person who smile like they mean it.

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