Festival Guide: Traveling To Your First Festival Abroad

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If there is one thing everyone should do at least once in their life it is traveling abroad to experience one of the world’s most famous music festivals. For so many people, this has become synonymous with making the most out of the summer. It is the highlight of their year. The music, the atmosphere, the weather, the sights and sounds and new cultures. Eeeek. It is that one thing that makes the butterflies in our bellies dance the most.

If you’ve done this time and time again, and traveled all over dancing your way through the different festivals and lapping up the individual magic they cast, then you’ll know exactly what we are talking about. If you haven’t, and this summer is going to be your first time, then here are some of our top tips on what to expect and how to have the most fun you’ve ever had.

Planning Makes Perfect

The more you can plan for the more amazing your experience will be. We’re talking about your journey there, knowing how much money you will need, looking at what the weather is doing so you know what to pack, and having all the essentials you’ll want to have tucked into your festival-inspired fanny-pack. When it comes to sorting through the essentials, we suggest you listen to a playlist of all the acts you’ll see while making sure you have sunglasses, sunblock, phone with a long battery life, cash, comfy shoes, and earplugs.

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Buddy-Up System

Festivals are manic in the most impossibly amazing way you can ever imagine. But what you’ll learn is, your group will break up from time to time and people will want to see different acts at different times. That’s why you should pick one person to buddy up and share your super-crazy festival experience with. So long as you are with one person, you are going to have the best time imaginable, and a safe experience too. Stick together and have the adventure of a lifetime.

Festival Clothing

When it comes to festivals, anything goes, which means this is your chance to go wild and embrace the bohemian lifestyle you have never dared to do before. Long flowing dresses with outrageous prints, big and colorful sunglasses, flowers in your hair, face paint and everything else the inner you wishes you were allowed to wear every day without being classed a weirdo. Just make sure you pack enough clothes, after all, going to a festival abroad usually means you’ll be away for more than three days.

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Your Adventure

The very first thing you need to do is explore. Explore everything you can, see the site, find the little secrets that every festival hides, see what stages peak your excitement levels, and make friends with strangers. Festivals bring people together in ways you’ve never experienced. They are places where intimacy, happiness, and creativity come together and fizzle. As a rule of thumb spread the positive vibe. That’s what will make your adventure even more amazing.

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