Weekly Motivation: Eat More Fruits

eat more fruits

I’m a total carnivore. My diet consists meat meat and meat… seriously I even have meet for breakfast.

That’s so not cool right?

I’m really old enough to not to care about being cool but my body needs all that vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, and water!

So from this week onwards this week’s fruits will be part of my diet. We always have plenty of fruits at home but I rarely touch them. Don’t worry those goodies won’t go wasted ever – J can consume a few people’s fruit intake easily.

You might add that I should also eat plenty of vegetables. But how to cook vegetables? How to make a variety of salads? I guess that’s next week’s problem to solve.

I made this fruit bowl on Chinese New Year day as a reminder of eating more fruits everyday. The good news is, I did manage to eat some fruits that day. Let’s see if I’ll remember it for the entire year!

eat more fruits


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