Declutter – 101 Things You Could Get Rid of in Your Home, for A Better Life

Declutter - 101 things to get rid in your home

Declutter, declutter, declutter. Spring is not here yet in Sydney but I’ve already started to do a little bit cleaning because there’s so much “stuff” accumulated over the years & they are taking extraordinarily amount of space. People say “A tidy desk speaks a happy mind.” Truth is, just a tidy dest is not enough. You’ll need a tidy home to stay happy. Most likely, you’ve already got everything you need at home but it’s easy to just keep buying. That’s my case anyway. I’m famous for buying something then never ever use it – typical “bought and forgot.” If you are like me, The next time before you buy any household items, ask yourself: “Will I take it with me if I move house?” Similarly, throw out things you don’t need any more. Right now.

Here’s a list of 101 things you could get rid of in your home, for a better life.

  1. Expired credit cards/bank cards/medicare card
  2. Old mobile phones
  3. Old electronic appliances you don’t use any more.
  4. Single socks, socks with holes in them
  5. Earrings that lost the other one in the pair – don’t hope to find the other earring one day.
  6. Old, shapeless underwear/bras
  7. Old dirty pillows
  8. Old bath towers
  9. Old pillowcases
  10. Worn out bed sheets
  11. Dying plants
  12. Dead flowers
  13. Empty pots (either plant something in them or chuck them)
  14. Those leftover wrapping paper and ribbons that you “might” use again one day
  15. Useless postcards and greeting cards
  16. Cheap hangers from dry cleaners Declutter - 101 things to get rid in your home
  17. Old supermarket receipts
  18. Old prescription glasses
  19. Sunglasses you never wear
  20. Ill fitted new clothes you”bought by mistake”
  21. Old clothes that you haven’t even worn once in the last 2 years
  22. Shirts with yellowish armpits
  23. Shoes that hurt your feet
  24. Old worn out shoes
  25. Old computers
  26. Scarves you never wear
  27. Old toys
  28. Old fruits/veggies   Declutter - Things you could get rid of
  29. Expired cooking sauce/ spicies
  30. Out of date medicine
  31. Expired gift vouchers
  32. Old movie/ concert tickets
  33. Cheap costume jewellery that you don’t wear (any more)
  34. Kitchen utensils that you don’t use
  35. Old CDs that you don’t listen to any more
  36. Old DVDs with movies you don’t like
  37. Unwanted gifts
  38. Overflowing plastic bags that you are not going to use
  39. Old makeup
  40. Dried-up super glue


    Declutter – Things you could get rid of

  41. Damaged suitcases
  42. Old calendars
  43. Pens run out of ink
  44. Hotel toiletries from your last trip that you are never going to use again
  45. Old non stick frying pan without “non stick” coating any moe
  46. Plastic utensils you’ll never use
  47. Excessive electric cables and adopters you don’t need
  48. Empty plastic water bottles
  49. Spare buttons for clothes you don’t have any more
  50. Spare parts for furniture you don’t have any more
  51. Users manual for electronic devices you don’t have any more
  52. Packaging boxes for your furniture, shoes, electronic appliances etc
  53. Older chargers for mobile phones, electronic appliances you don’t have any more
  54. Excessive candles you are never going to use
  55. Handbags you don’t wear any more
  56. Out of date decorations
  57. Excessive hats you’ll never wear
  58. Old paperwork you don’t need any more


    Declutter – Things you could get rid of

  59. Old textbooks that you’ll never go through again
  60. Books you’ll never read (again)
  61. Old magazines
  62. Key rings you don’t use
  63. Pretty old wrapping you’ve saved
  64. Old keys that have been forgotten a long time ago
  65. Old rusty tools
  66. Dirty old cloth/dish washing cloth
  67. Old perfume you don’t like
  68. Last years’ sunscreen
  69. Glasses/cups you never use
  70. Hairbands that are not stretchy any more
  71. Dusty takeout menus you never use
  72. That bright purple eye shadow you “might” use one day
  73. Belts don’t fit any more
  74. Locks without matching keys
  75. Old batteries
  76. Posters you’ve never hang up on your wall
  77. Puzzles you don’t play with any more
  78. Business cards you’ll never need
  79. Software you don’t use
  80. Old tea towersDeclutter - Things you could get rid of
  81. Damaged watch
  82. Old wallet
  83. Tablecloth you never use
  84. Old alarm clock that you don’t use any more
  85. Hair clips you never use
  86. Old school uniform
  87. Small changes from foreign countries that’ll be never useful to you again
  88. Cook books you never use
  89. Old kettle and toaster don’t work properly any more
  90. A group of 90% empty toothpaste tubes
  91. Old bowls and plates you don’t use any more
  92. Old furniture you don’t need any more
  93. Old notes that are no longer useful to you
  94. Out-dated Clothes
  95. Useless old emails
  96. Low quality, useless photos
  97. Shoelaces that you’ll never use
  98. Samples you’ll never try
  99. Jeans you don’t wear.
  100. Scissors/ knives are no longer sharp
  101. Someone doesn’t love you

Well done, you’ve got rid of all things you don’t need or want. Feeling better now?

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