I’ve just  come across 20 exercises that can be done at home to tone up these common problem areas: abs, butt, arms and legs as shown below. Can’t wait to try them out and see if they actually work.

For abs/waist:



Cobra lat pulldown: Arms are always in the air.

Cobra lat pulldown

Frog bridge: Feet together.

Frog bridge

Knee hugs:

Knee hugs

Side crunch:
Side crunch Star toe touch sit ups:Star toe touch sit ups

For Butt:

before after

Lunge back kick:

Lunge back kickRolling squat
Rolling squat

Squat jumps:squat jump

Squat kickback:Squat kickback


For arms:

arm before and after

Arm swings:

Arm swings

Asymmetrical push up:Asymmetrical push up

Hindu push ups:Hindu push ups

Pike push up:Pike push up

For legs:

Diamond kicks:

Diamond kicks

Fingertip to toe jacks:Fingertip to toe jacks

Flutter kicks:Flutter kicks

Frog crunches:Frog crunches

Lying hamstring curls:Lying hamstring curls