Wonderful Wildlife Experiences in Botswana

If there’s one reason to visit Botswana, it’s the stunning array of wildlife. This ecologically diverse country has a lot to offer any lovers of wildlife, including 40% of Africa’s elephant population. Safaris are a popular way to spend time there, and there are so many different animals to see, from the Big 5 to birds and smaller animals too. If you’re thinking of making Botswana one of your next destinations, working out what you want to see will help you decide where to go. Try these wildlife activities to discover your favourite animals in Botswana and create some amazing memories.


Go Looking for the Big 5

One of the primary reasons anyone goes on an African safari is to look for the “Big 5”. These game animals are the elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard, and lion. While they’re often referred to in a hunting context, most visitors merely want to catch a glimpse of them and then leave them to their business. If you decide to experience a Botswana safari, looking for these five magnificent animals is one of the things you can do. You can go on tours by car, or there are other ways to explore, including going on guided walks on foot.

See Big Cats on Chief’s Island

Botswana is home to a number of wild cat species and the best place to see them has to be Chief’s Island. This island in the Moremi Game Reserve is the largest island in the Okavango Delta. It’s a great place to catch sightings of both lions and leopards, which is two animals you can tick off your big game wishlist, and you might spot the other three too. There are also chances to see hyenas and jackals if you want to spot some other predators while you’re there. There are only three camps on the island, making it an exclusive area.

Seek Out Wild Dogs

While people are often drawn to leopards and lions, or even hyenas, African wild dogs are another fascinating predator. Even though they’re not to be messed with, it’s hard to resist their big ears and faces that remind us so much of our own dogs. Botswana is the best country in Africa to see wild dogs because most of what’s left of the population is there. They’re excellent hunters, with an 80% success rate, which makes them far more successful than lions. If you do see them, you’re likely to see some hunting action.

Spend Time with Meerkats

If smaller animals are more your thing, don’t leave Botswana without seeking out some meerkats. It’s hard not to think they’re adorable, with their cheeky attitudes and small ferociousness. And meerkats are one of the few animals you’ll be able to get up close and personal with, without the risk of being severely injured. In the Kalahari, you can enjoy a meerkat experience, where they will climb all over you.

Botswana is the place to be if you love wildlife. You can find animals both big and small across the country.

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