Weekly Motivation: Be Observant

I’m not the most observant person and didn’t know the importance of being observant. If you ask me to clean a room, I’ll miss a spider web on the corner. I always take the face value of what other people say instead of watching more closely about their body language. I have the tendency to sleep walk through my life without noticing anything that is happening around me.

But I’m more interested in people now, and I want to know what they really feel and think; I want to have a better sense of direction; I want to take more control of my life instead of daydreaming all the time.

Below are the steps I’m reminding myself to follow in order to become more observant:

Focus and pay more attention to details.

Become more self-aware. Know yourself and be aware of who you are and how you act.

Pay more attention to your surroundings.

Pay more attention to others than yourself. Listen to other people, don’t worry about what to say or do next the whole time.

Pay more attention to other people’s  body language to see how they feel.

It’s not going to be a overnight makeover but if there’s a will, there is a way!

Cheers to becoming more observant! 🙂


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