Sydney Night Noodle Markets VIP Opening Night


I used to have VIP events anxiety. To be exact, it was pre-VIP events anxiety… because a lot of times I decided not to go. Why? – I consider myself just a P, not a VIP. The thought of being around a roomful of “very important people” I’ve never met before made me nervous.

But now I’m slowly growing out of it. As overtime I’ve realised that most people in those kind of events are just friendly, normal people like us. And in most cases, if you don’t know anyone, there will always be some nice people coming to talk you. Last Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited to the Sydney night Noodle markets VIP opening night at the The Signleton Whisky & Sugar Bar in Sydney Hyde Park.

If you are a Sydneysider, have you been to the Sydney Night Noodles Markets during the SMH Good Food month? Do you know it’s been around since 1998? Well, if you ask me the same questions, my answers would be no and no. I know that Sydney night noodle markets have been around for quite a while and I did get numerous invites in the last couple of years but never really went. However this year, things are a little different and I decided to go and check it out.

This year’s Sydney night noodle markets is the biggest ever, with a new add-on. Acclaimed New York chef Christina Tosi is teamed up with Singleton Whisky  for The Singleton Whisky & Sugur Bar. Christina is the founder, owner and chef of Momofuku’s dessert wing, Milk Bar based in New York. She made a batch of whisky-infused cookies just for this occasion. Are you intrigued?

Sydney night noodle markets opening-002-4

I was impressed with the set up of Singleton Whicky and Sugar bar. The bar itself is compact, but thoughtfully decorated. The feature walls on both sides of the bar are particularly lovely.

Sydney night noodle markets opening-003

Warm Din Tai Fung pork buns were served to my surprise but it make the event even better! Those buns are so close to the ones my mum makes and they are one of my all time favorite:).

Sydney night noodle markets opening-002-2

There were plenty of drinks all night long. Though I could only consume one glass of alcohol (1+ will make me super dizzy), it was fun to watch the cocktail making process.

Sydney night noodle markets opening-004

Shortly after the buns, those gigantic meat kebabs appeared:

Sydney night noodle markets opening-007

They were the best things ever – tasty, juicy and extremely popular. I don’t really know if these kebabs are served in any restaurants, and if they are, I’ll be following them and recommend all my friends to go.

Then I started to wonder where Christina was, and whether we got to try those special cookies that took a few weeks to make. Not because of the hunger for cookies, but I was that curious! Curious about whether Whisky and cookies will be a good mix as I’m not a Whisky drinker. But got to try it, regardless.

Of course she was just around the corner. The Master Chef judge was holding her cookies and and cup of Whisky, as you guessed it:). Being a photographer who doesn’t know how to take selfies, I took a rather blurry photo of us using my phone. This was the second attempt:

Sydney night noodle markets opening-001

Ok, here’s a proper photo of Christina Tosi taken with my proper camera.

Sydney night noodle markets opening-002-3

And those were the famous cookies:

Sydney night noodle markets opening-006

I took a bite. They were buttery and sweet, with a slight hint of Whisky aroma. It was perfect, just as it should be.

P.S. The Singleton Whisky & Sugar Bar will appear at the Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park Sydney until October 25th.

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