Top 4 Tips for Adding Privacy to Your Garden

There’s nothing quite like kicking back in the garden with a few cold drinks, the BBQ blazing and the company of your friends and family. It can be difficult to enjoy spending time in your garden if it’s overlooked because these precious moments can be seen by the neighbourhood or any passers by. Thankfully there are a handful of things you can do to add privacy to your home, allowing you to enjoy spending time with those you love in your garden, all year round.

Buy a pergola

Having a pergola on your patio or decking area and allowing plants and vines to grow on and around it is a great way of adding privacy to your garden. You can arrange furniture underneath and enjoy privacy and some shade from the sun.

Not only that, a pergola will add style and class to your garden by creating a focal point and giving it structure. The best part is that they are really inexpensive to buy! If you’re feeling creative or have an unusual shaped patio, why not buy some timber and build one yourself? There’s plenty of guides online and it’ll give you a great sense of self-satisfaction.

Build a summer house

Another option to gain privacy in your garden would be to build a summer house. These are essentially a diy shed that holds your garden furniture and can be wired to have electrical outlets. This means you’re able to plug in a stereo or TV and enjoy music without prying eyes watching your every move. Many people use their summer houses to house a hot tub, so if you’re looking for a unique addition for your garden, consider building a summer house.

Add fencing

One of the easiest ways of adding some privacy into your garden is to put up fencing surrounding your garden. You can add high fencing around your garden so nobody can peer in from the pavement.

Or, if you’re into the idea of a more natural looking garden, adding fencing and letting plants grow between the slats is a great way of adding privacy yet keeping a more natural looking feel to your garden.

Not only does a fence add privacy to your garden but it also adds security. If you have young children or pets you can rest assured they can play safely in the garden.

Put up a gazebo

If you’re looking for an easy pop-up solution that you can take down and put up when needed, then you should consider buying a gazebo for your garden. They are waterproof shelters that can add privacy and shelter to your garden, much like a pergola. The difference is you can take them down when you’re not using them and easily store them for future use.

The great part about gazebos is that they are very cheap to buy and can be found in most hardware stores. They take little time to erect and can help provide shelter for you and your garden furniture should the weather take a turn for the worst.

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