How To Throw A Fantastic House Party

how to throw a house partyFor most of my overseas readers, summer is nearly here, and that means that people are going to be having evening parties. Nights of entertainment arranged by you for your family, your friends, and neighbors. These types of occasions can be great fun as long as you know how to plan them right. If you don’t you could find that your house ends up a mess and you spend way too much money. Meanwhile, all you have to show for the party is a thumping headache and a few dozen empty bottles of wine. But don’t worry. I can show you how to throw an awesome party, avoiding all the issues.

Buying Alcohol

Unless you are actually hiring entertainment, this is going to be the most expensive party of the party planning. Buying the alcohol. You need quite a lot of it because you want to avoid the embarrassment of running out halfway through the night. But, as much as we love throwing these types of parties I’m sure you’ll agree you don’t want to spend a fortune. There’s good news on that front. If you look into buying liquor online, you’ll find you can purchase in bulk at discount prices. You won’t have to worry about plowing through your budget in one, swift purchase. In fact, you’ll have plenty of money to spend on other things.

Getting The Food

If you’re not the best cook in the world you’ve got two options. EIther, you can hire staff to cook it for you, order in or serve something that doesn’t require cooking. Lay out a buffet and that way your guests can choose and select what they want to eat. Anything that does need cooking you can throw in the microwave a for a few minutes. It won’t take a lot of time, and there’ll be plenty for everyone. The best part? Rather than an expensive order or paying for staff, this will be fairly cheap.

Watching The Weather Forecast

The trick to throwing a good house party for the host is to wait until the weather is bright. You might want to make sure your home is ready for guests incase it starts to rain. But you mainly want them to stay outdoors. That way you only have to worry about a garden clean up rather than your entire home. Trust me when I say this is far better. You might not even need to complete the cleanup yourself. You can hire a crew to get the job done for you. Meanwhile, your house remains in pristine condition.


Do yourself a favour and get an extension lead. Set some of your home speaker systems outside and let the music play. Just make sure that you do alert your neighbors what’s going on. The last thing you want is for your party to be shut down for disturbing the peace. This happens to adults just as often as it does to teenagers. The best way to deal with this is to invite everyone. If they’ve been invited, they can’t really complain.

That’s all there is to it. Follow this guide and you’ll have an awesome party in the in the summer, keeping your home intact.

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