“That’s Hideaway Island”, on the way to Vanuatu waterfall, our driver pointed it to us. We looked out to the sea. There it was, a sweet looking, tiny, round shaped island in the turquoise water from afar, surrounded by pristine white sand beach (in my imagination). Later it turned out that my imaginary “white sand” beach is fully covered by white coral!
Hideaway Island Vanuatu

An easy, less than 5 minutes boat ride will take you from the main island Efate to Hideaway Island. The boat fare is 1000 Vatu (around $12). That’s about half of an average day’s wage for a local worker but I guess locals needn’t take the boat or pay.  We saw a few of them wading through chest deep water from Hideaway Island to the main island.. or swimming across:).

Hideaway Island Vanuatu

If you ever visit Vanuatu and are not sure what to do, plan a trip to the delightful Hideaway Island. When you go, don’t forget to take your snorkels and flippers. The small coral atoll is surrounded by amazingly clear water and coral reefs. Dive right into the water, you’ll find countless colorful tropical fish.

Hideaway Island Vanuatu

Swimming bare feet there is not such a good idea though, as the coral can be rough on your feet when you walk up to the shore. So take your reef shoes or flippers with you, otherwise your feet won’t like you much…

My imaginary white sand beach.

Hideaway Island Vanuatu
Hideaway Island is very small. It’s a perfect place for complete relaxation. There are no phones or faxes, except in the office but there’s an underwater post office if you fancy the exotic way of communication.

Walking around the island, you see local kids playing in the water, having a great time. You see local people running and jumping into the water, having a swimming competition. You see happy people waving at you with the most incredible, innocent smiles on their faces. And you’ll feel happy too, because true happiness is infectious.
Hideaway Island Vanuatu
There are plenty reasons to be happy. All year round warm weather, relaxed life style,  lots of tropical fruit trees everywhere

Hideaway Island Vanuatu

and the breathtaking view…

No wonder vanuatu people have been voted the happiest people on earth. It is the kind of happiness that money can’t buy.

I haven’t been blogging for nearly a week, mainly because I’m among the happiest people on earth(aka people in Vanuatu).

One really doesn’t think much of Internet, television or phone, when the sunset is this amazing…

McDanald’s won’t be in one’s mind either when freshly cooked seafood is served on the deck of your cottage…

Very often, you get visitors like this:

Life is full of precious moment. Embrace it.

This time I didn’t forget to take photos before eating as I wanted to be able to remind myself  later how lucky we were. Vanuatu has been voted the happiest country in the world. It’s also a country without McDanald’s. I guess it doesn’t need one.