Don’t ever skip breakfast; it is the most important meal of the day!

~ Yes mum.

Don’t have cold food in the morning. It’s not good for your stomach!

~ Alright mum.

Make sure you buy fresh food everyday!

~ Ok mum, I’ll try.

 And don’t forget…

~ Yes and yes, mum! I’ve got to go, bye!

No matter how old I am, mum always loves telling me what to do. Since we live in different countries, she’s particularly worried about what I eat. Sometimes I could get a little offended, like, I’ve been living in Sydney for more than 15 years now, my mum still thinks I’m not capable of looking after myself? But hey, remember, mum always has the best intention. Note to self:

  1. Mum is always right.
  2. It is good have a warm, big breakfast to kick start your day.

I love exploring different places around the world. The perk of travelling is, someone else will cook me breakfast and there’s no need to clean up afterwards!

Tamanu On The Beach restaurant is the only beachfront fine dining restaurant in Vanuatu.  This eggs benedict with smoked salmon was divine.

It’s on a tropical island so there are always plenty of fresh flowers and fruits.

My coffee after the big breakfast was tasty and sweet looking:).

J took this photo of me while I was having my coffee and checking messages. What I love about it is that the photo was so nature, no make up, no posing. Who said you have to smile to the camera?:).