Big, colorful costume jewellery is in. But I’m forever on the hunt for good quality, pretty silver jewellery. I prefer pretty things that last. Besides, I can’t wear costume earrings. My ears get irritated and hurt by them. The trouble is that most 925 silver jewellery available in the market look rather boring. That’s why, as soon as I found the kind of silver jewellery that caught my eye in Europe, I bought plenty. Actually, more than plenty.

Pure silver can’t be used in jewellery making because it is too malleable and can be damaged easily. 925 silver jewellery is a standard type of silver jewellery made by craftsman. The beauty of 925 silver jewellery increases with age since the appearance takes on a soft sheen as time goes.  It is easy to prevent tarnishing of the silver jewellery as it only involves putting them in lemon solution or lime juice to make them shine again.

Intricate details of a turquoise gemstone silver bracelet.

silver jewelleryAccording to research, silver jewellery is attractive and healthy to wear because silver is needed in our bodies to keep balance of body elements. It also helps in keeping the blood vessels elastic, formation of bone, skin formation and repair. It is believed that when one wears silver jewellery, it stimulates the flow of energy. 925 silver jewellery can help us to avoid lethargic tendencies and make a person feel stronger and concentrate on thoughts. What I like about silver jewllery is that it is suitable for both fair skinned and dark skinned people, which make them elegant present for people we care about.

When it comes to fashion and jewels, blue is definitely the color of in season. Regardless, I fell in love with this turquoise silver bracelet immediately. It’s got faceted gemstones on the surface that sparkle in light. Greens and purples are also on trend. And of course those bold, chunky silver bracelets, pendents with unique patterned purple and green stones came back to Australia with me too. The thing I love shopping overseas — variety. My ears will be thanking me, there are so many different kinds of new silver earring for them. I particularly like the large rose silver earrings in silver and rose tones. They are big in size but not weighting a tone to become a burden after a few hours wearing them.

Oh, THAT chunky cut out silver cuff bracelet. Can’t wait to wear it in Summer.

Silver Jewellery