Niagara Falls

Are you planning a romantic getaway, looking for a cool solo travel destination or a family holiday? Niagara Falls is the perfect answer. As you’re about to discover, there’s a reason why it’s on so many people’s bucket lists. It is truly a phenomenal location, difficult to compare with anywhere else in the world. I’m good at procrastinating – it only took me 3 years to finally blog about it after we came back from our trip to Niagara Falls. But never procrastinate going for your trip! Here are my thoughts on why you should be booking your trip here sooner rather than later.

An Incredible Sight

niagara falls

Photos: Candidtown Photography


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Niagara is an incredible sight day and night. It’s a stunning scene that simply can’t be captured in images or video. You may think that it looks spectacular in the pictures I’ve chosen. But it’s nothing compared to being up close to the real thing. Don’t forget that you can get a guided boat tour until you’re almost directly under the walls. It’s an experience that’ll take your breath away, and you don’t want to miss out. J and I booked our seats on the famous Maid of the Mist in Fall 2013. And I still have the raincoat from that trip. Trust me, you’ll need it:). You can board from either the American or Canadian side but the falls are much bigger and definitely more spectacular from the Canadian site. 

niagara falls

So not glamorous, so worth it.

Maid of the Mist - Niagara Falls

Maid of the Mist – packed with people

Soaking wet, J managed to take some amazing photos using his raincoat to protect the camera. I, on the other hand, only managed not to fall out of the boat by hold the railings dead tight during the turbulent time.

niagara falls

Photo taken on the boat: CandidTown Photography

A Hotel View

If you are heading to the falls, you should definitely consider staying at the Sheraton Hotel. If you’re lucky and you book early enough you’ll get a hotel room with a view of the falls below. You can gaze down at it from the balcony of your bedroom. It’s what makes this one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. But it’s not the only thing that makes accommodation at the falls spectacular. The hotel also includes a spa so you can wine, dine and relax with breathtaking scenery below.

niagara falls

Photo taken on the boat: CandidTown Photography

Fun Place To Be

Niagara falls is a fun travel destination.  If you are traveling with children, there’s an indoor water park nearby that’s bound to keep them entertained for hours. So while you’re enjoying your spa treatment your children they’ll be frolicking in an artificial ocean. It’s not the only activity for children in the area. There are plenty of places for fun filled family entertainment that you can research and buy tickets for online before you travel.

niagara falls

Photo taken on the boat: CandidTown Photography

For couples and single travellers, if you have more than a couple of days to stay, pay a visit to those beautiful and serene vineyards within the area. You’ll be able to buy some of the finest wines in the country, taste them and see how they’re made. Niagara vineyards are world famous so you’ll definitely be in for a treat. With so many choices available, surely you can pick up a bottle or two to take home with you.

The night life in Niagara Falls is amazing – night clubs, bars, restaurants, neons lights are everywhere. Even the falls will light up for you at night.

An Unforgettable Flight

Finally, you can finish off your getaway with an unforgettable, breathtaking flight over the falls. Gaze down in wonder at the crashing waters below as you soar closer than anyone else. It’s a scary flight in places but well worth it if you have the courage to face your fear. Be sure to snap at least one photo  to remember a dream on your bucket list fulfilled.

niagara falls

Photo: CandidTown Photography