It’s officially 2014! Despite the relentlessly marching of time, every year brings a new beginning and new hope. So it’s time to let your champagne flow, hair down and celebrate like there’s no next year.

My goals for 2014 are:

1. Be stronger and consistent.

2. Learn new skills, like how to do a proper push up. No kidding, I can’t even do one push up. Yep, that’s how strong I am.

Happy New year everyone. May your 2014 be as splendid as the New Year’s Eve fireworks!


Oh Sydney Harbor, I never get tired looking at you. Today, I totally don’t understand my frequent urge to get away from Sydney and travel. Clearly Sydney is home and I can’t complain anything about living in this beautiful city.

We went for a location shoot just before the New Year and Sydney Harbor sparkled like a piece of jewel. This is a perfect view of the Harbor Bridge, the Opera House hiding behind, the Sydney Tower on the right and of course the controversial building next to the bridge sticking out like an eyesore:).

Peace and tranquility before the 2013 NYE celebrationSydney Harbor (1 of 1)

Sydney Harbor bridge  (1 of 1)

Tonight, Sydney Harbor Bridge will be lit up like crazy. We’ll all get ready to ring in the New Year with splendid NYE fireworks, screaming teenagers and full glasses of Champagne.

May this year bring prosperity, peace and happiness.