There are a lot places offer casual cheese and wine tasting in Sydney and NSW regional areas.

So when Sylwia asked me if I’d like to go cheese and wine tasting with her in Pyrmont, my neighborhood, I thought it’ll be one of these “casual” things.

I  happily said yes because I love Sylwia’s company but warned her that I’m a cheap drunk… will be out after one full glass of wine.

We had dinner at my place before we set off for the cheese and wine tasting, a big dinner.

Because, you know. You just can’t go drinking with an empty stomach. Especially when you get drunk after one glass.

It was such a nice surprise that the cheese and wine tasting place was literally around the corner.

Oh I forgot to mention that I knew nothing about the details of this cheese and wine tasting event.It was totally researched and organized by Sylwia. I was filling in for a friend who couldn’t make it that night.

When we approached the entrance of the cheese and wine tasting event upstairs, I realized it was one of these “fancy” cheese and wine tasting in Sydney.

It was formally organized by the Sydney Wine Center. There’s a host, a presenter, a long table covered in white cotton table cloth. There were around 10 people sitting already, each with 5 wine glasses and a cheese plate in front of them.

The whole scene makes you feel like one of the house guests.

We took our seats. There were 2 booklets with information of the cheese and wine we were about to taste.

unnamed (1)

“Learn, Taste, Appreciate”, says on both booklets. And I really did!

Trust me, it wasn’t the wine that made me so happy. Though maybe it did play a small part.

I’m so happy that I learned so much that night! We tried 1 campaign, 9 different kind of wine and their matching cheese.

Got to say some cheese and wine are made in heaven:). Where have I been all these years?

And why I had so much for dinner?

Out of all the wine we’ve tried, I liked the the wine no 2, White, Marc Bredif and no 6, Pinot Noir Burgunday the most. It’s not easy, coming from someone who thought she’s allergic to alcohol like me.

All the cheese are magnificent! Thoroughly enjoyed the last match we tried: Desert wine Mobazillac and the Roquefort blue cheese.

Sorry I don’t have a better picture for the delicious feast. You see, we were quite busy…

unnamed (2)

Ok, this light sketch might be a classier reflection of this fine French Cheese & Wine Matching evening:)

Also happy to report: I wasn’t even that drunk, after finishing the whole plate of cheese.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to my future fine cheese and wine tasting in Sydney.

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