Can’t call myself a  huge Chanel fan but I don’t mind the idea of dressing up with a Chanel half moon WOC chain bag. What do you do if a handbag is too big and a wallet is too small for your special occasion? Choose a Chanel WOC (wallet on a chain):).

Basically, it’s a clutch bag with a long shoulder chain, built-in card slots, bill, and zippered coin compartments.  There are many different styles of Chanel WOC and they come in different colors and sizes. They are made of different materials.

Classic Quilted: The most commonly known rectangular shape with diamond-quilted pattern available in both caviar and lambskin leather.Chanel WOC classic quilted

Timeless Envelope: Pebbled caviar leather with large embossed CC logo, not quilted.

chanel woc timeless cc

Camellia: Lambskin with embossed camellia flora pattern.

Lipstick: Patent leather with large multicolored CC logo.

Brilliant: Classic diamond quilted leather with crystalized CC logo.

Chanel woc brilliant

Half Moon: Pebbled caviar leather, half-moon shape with large embossed CC logo.

chanel woc half moon

Boy: Classic boy shape, quilted front flap with a CC metal nameplate on it.

chanel woc boy


Sevruga: Micro pebbled matte leather, not quilted.


Different materials of Chanel WOC:

  • Lambskin:  a very delicate, smooth leather that could be scratched and scuffed very easily.
  • Patent leather: a shiny, plastic looking leather.
  • Caviar leather: pebbled,  the most durable leather compared to other Chanel leather lines.
  • Cevruga leather: micro pebbled matte leather. The least expensive Chanel WOC (still costs more than $1.000).


Why I like the Half Moon the most out of the all the different types of Chanel WOC.

chanel woc half moon

  • It’s chic, feminine shape. Personally, I don’t want another square -ish, quilted Chanel bag. Call that “timeless” or ” classic”, to me, this modern, unique looking Half moon WOC bag is like a breath of fresh air.
  • It’s made of caviar leather. The Half Moon is more susceptible to wear and tear. Unless we have millions to inherent, we want the bag costs us thousands of dollars to last a little longer. Do you agree?
  • The Half Moon is the roomiest among the Chanel WOC bags. It has the greatest length compared to other Chanel WOC. Due to the pleated design, it has more room to give.

I was totally unsure if I should put this into my blog. But since there isn’t a lot information on the Chanel website, I’ve decided not to let my research go to waste:).