overcome body image issues

overcome body image issues

Overcoming serious body image issues can be very difficult. These issues can come from a number of places. They can come from things you learned or were told when you were little. They can come from magazines, TV shows, and films. Celebrities with photoshopped bodies are thrust in our faces on a daily basis, so it’s only natural that lots of people have started to feel bad about themselves. However, feeling this way isn’t healthy! Here’s how to finally start accepting your body and overcoming your issues:

Speak To Yourself Like A Friend In Your Head

Start paying attention to how you speak to yourself in your head. Negative self talk won’t help you at all, so pay attention and stop it when it crops up. Start speaking to yourself like a friend in your head instead. Would you call your best friend fat and ugly? Don’t do it to yourself, then!

Make An Effort To Eat Right And Exercise

Instead of hopping from fad diet to quick fix, make an effort to eat right and exercise. You’ll develop a sustainable routine, and it’ll be much easier than ‘punishing’ your body. You could end up ruining your metabolism if you’re not careful. Eating right and exercises regularly, listening to your body as you go. Download a plan from a professional if it helps you. Remember, you should first focus on your health and only then the way you look.

Focus On Your Inner Self

Why put so much pressure and focus on your outer self? Start focusing on your inner self too. Read more books, develop skills, and make an effort to learn. Learn how to manage your emotions and work through problems. Your inner self is even more important than your outer self.

Don’t Eat Your Feelings

It’s all too easy to eat your feelings in an attempt to shut them off and mask them. It’s much better to talk about your feelings. Even letting yourself feel your feelings and getting sad is better than gorging on food.

Getting Professional Help

In some cases, you may need professional help to help you work through your problems. More people have body image issues than you think, so don’t be afraid to get help. You can talk through your problems, pinpoint where they stemmed from, and rid yourself of beliefs you have that are unhealthy. You can then learn healthy coping mechanisms and become a happier, well rounded person.

Don’t Compare Yourself

How boring would the world be if we were all the same? Stop comparing yourself to everybody! You’re you, so celebrate your uniqueness. You don’t need to be taller, thinner, curvier – you’re perfect as you are. Embrace it. The best thing you can do is realise that you are enough. Loving your body at every stage is so much healthier than hating it and thinking, ‘I’ll be happy when…’. Focus on the things you like rather than the things you don’t like.
In time, everybody can overcome body image issues for a healthier, happier life.