Sydney Youth Week 2013 – Friday Concert

Sydney is hit by HEAVY rain and wind this weekend. A lot events are canceled because of the severe weather condition. But hey, I’m not complaining, at all.  This gives me a great opportunity to sleep in, stay in, order pizza from Made In Italy and catch up with my blog leisurely. Heaven!

By the way I’ve kind of rekindled my old journalist career and started to shoot various events in Sydney recently. This was the first live event I shot with my new camera -Fiji X-E1, a light weight, mirror-less camera.

A concert featuring 6 acoustic young performers aged between 16 to 24 went live in Martin Place, Sydney on Friday, 12 April 2013. This event forms part of Sydney Youth Week in The City, aiming to promote Sydney’s Young musical talents. The concert started off slowly and the performance less impressive. For a moment I thought it was going to be hard to endure the whole thing but soon this became a rather enjoyable experience. Some talented young musician came to perform on stage and the audience grew bigger and bigger. Below are my favorite performers at the concert:

Sydney youth week 2013-001-2

youth week in the city-001

Sydney youth week 2013

Audience enjoyed lunch and music:

youth week in the city-011

Next up, Aus-Indo in one day celebration! Stay tuned.




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