Photos from Seven Lakes Drive & Merry Christmas!


It’s the morning of 24th of December 2016, Saturday. One of my neighbours was playing loud Beijing Opera. It was cute in a way but somehow it bothered me. There are more and more Chinese residents in Sydney now. Sometimes I wonder, why did I move to Sydney from China 20 years ago? Sydney is very much like a Chinese town anyway nowadays. Ha, how dare I have such negative thought? I know very well this is the Christmas Eve, one should be in the spirit of love and sharing.

In light of cheerful thought and relaxation, I’d listen to The Romantics and take a good trip down memory lane.

Ever since I watched Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, I was in love with the motorcycle scene in the movie. Before our trip to the US in 2013, we googled the location and planed a day trip to Seven Lakes Drive.

So here are a few photos from Seven Lakes Drive – the scenery is just as amazing as it showed in the movie, if not better. Actually, it was a much better experience to BE in the forest, by the lake and breathe in the fresh air.

Merry Christmas everyone. Keep having fun and make good memories!

seven-lakes-drive-2 seven-lakes-drive-3 seven-lakes-drive-4 seven-lakes-drive-5 seven-lakes-drive-6 seven-lakes-drive


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