Merry Christmas Eve

I woke up in gentle sounds of Christmas music and pancakes, and coffee. It felt like the continuation of  a peaceful dream then I jumped out of bed, fully awake. “What time is it? Have I slept all day? Everyone is here already?”

It was 9am in the morning. Tonight we are  going to having a family Christmas Eve Dinner at our place for the first time.  J walked around the house in complete silence. He had put some nice Christmas songs together and got breakfast ready.

Truth to be told Internet, I was a little nervous … Yesterday I spent the whole day tidying up and scrubbing. Today, there were still so much shopping and cooking to do… Yes yes, Christmas is all about peace and joy.

J looked at my worrying face and touched my hands, ” We are happy, that’s the main thing. Don’t be too hard on yourself.”

Just like that, I started to breathe normally again. Everything will be OK as long as we are happy…

Here’s to our first, Merry Christmas.

strawberry santas



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