A Memento Master Class To A Party You Won’t Forget In A Hurry

A Memento Master Class To A Party You Won't Forget In A Hurry

In this modern age, connectivity is key. We share everything with our nearest and dearest. A lot of the time, we even show them what our meal looks like when we go out. One thing’s sure; this is the perfect age for nosiness. But, while we have plenty of time to document the less important things, we often forget to capture moments that mean the most. In a way, this is a good thing. It means you’re too busy enjoying yourself. Which is what life’s all about. But, that doesn’t help when you have nothing to help you remember those important moments and wonderful events. Of course, we always have our memories to fall back on, but we sometimes need a little more. 

A Memento Master Class To A Party You Won't Forget In A HurryWhen you’re planning a party, capturing memories will be the last thing on your mind. You have food, guest lists, and music choices to cope with. And, when you’re enjoying your party and mingling with your guests, you have no time to capture anything. That means you can have the best party possible and have nothing to show for it. In fact, it might fade from your memory completely. The good news is, there is help at hand. We’re going to look at a few of the ways you can make sure there are party mementos galore, for you and your guests.


Nothing’s better for capturing a moment than taking a picture. Most of us take at least one picture a day, and as such, we have a comprehensive history of our lives. And, nothing beats looking back over what we’ve done. That’s why it’s important you ensure there are plenty of pictures from your party. The good news is, you can be sure your guests are taking pictures, even if you don’t get the chance. Incorporate photos even more by providing a basket full of disposable cameras. Encourage your guests to take a camera and return it to the basket at the end of the night. Not only will this be a fun activity to keep your guests amused, but it’s also the perfect way to capture the night. Using film instead of digital will ensure that the pictures you get are candid and authentic. People won’t worry about ensuring everything looks perfect in the viewfinder. The fact that the pictures are going back to you means people won’t worry too much about finding a perfect shot.

You could take things even further. Hire a photo booth to incorporate photos in a whole different way. This fun addition to your party is sure to go down well and give you an edge. Though you may not get such an accurate representation of your night this way, your guests will have a lot of fun. And, you can make sure to get a few snaps of yourself, too. Incorporate props and dressing up clothes to ensure everyone gets stuck in.


If you know any artists, it might be worth giving them a call. Even if you don’t know anyone suitable, you could get online and see if you can find someone to hire. Look for writers and portrait artists who can capture the evening in a different light. A poet could offer your guests an improvised poem relating to the night. And, a portrait artist could draw guests who are willing to sit out for a while! Photographs are everywhere, so it’s a good idea to find different ways to capture the mood of the evening. Your guests will love having these fun mementos to take home with them. Make sure, too, to get a portrait and poem for yourself. This is your big night, after all. You have more reason to remember it than anyone! It might be worth asking the artists to come along a little earlier and getting yourself out of the way first. That way, you won’t have to worry once things are underway.

If you know any budding filmmakers, it might be worth asking them to come along, too. Having a video of the night will be a fantastic way to keep things fresh in your memory. As photographs grow in popularity, home video seems to be taking a back seat. Change that by getting a home video of your party. You could even offer the filmmaker the chance to sell copies of the video to guests. Either that, or you can put it online for everyone to see!

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In this day and age, it would be silly not to make the most of social media. Allow connectivity to help you build a significant collection of memories. Chances are, your guests will be putting their photographs online. Encourage them to share. You might want to create a hashtag on Twitter which people can attach to their photos. Or, you could set up a group on Facebook and encourage guests to post their top pictures there. That way, all your guests can see the best highlights of the night without having to search too hard. This could also be an excellent way to connect guests who didn’t know each other beforehand. They’ll see pictures from that person they got talking to and add them as a friend.

If you opted for the disposable cameras, this would be a fantastic way to show your guests the pictures. It wouldn’t be fair to keep them to yourself, after all. Of course, they won’t get the hard copies. But, if you have a scanner, you could upload them to the group for everyone to see. They’re sure to want to have a look, and it’ll be an excellent way to keep the party vibe going long after the night itself.

So, there you have it. A simple guide to creating a party you can remember. Of course, it’s important we enjoy moments as they happen. But, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a memento once they’re over!

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