How To Wear The Pleating Trend

So Duchess Meagan’s stylist really followed the pleating trend well. On her 37th birthday to a wedding, Megan stepped out in a dress featuring dark top and multicoloured pleating skirt. The dress was accessorised with a belt.

The pleating trend has been around for a couple of years now, but it’s not that easy to wear. How to get it right then? Here are a few tips on how to wear the pleating trend and create a trendy, on point look:

  1. Choose the right fabric.

You want the fabric to be flowy, not too thick or stiff, otherwise it’ll make you heavier than you actually are.

2. Colour coordination:

It’s very easy on the eyes to have matching coloured outfit including handbags and shoes. 🙂

3. Basic shirts with pleating skirt

Victoria Beckham is a huge fan of pleating skirt. Basic shirts + pleating skirt is great for creating a powerful yet feminine image. Heels and the little white shoes are both good for this combo.

4. Dark top + dark multicoloured pleating skirt


4. Cropped top + pleating skirt

5. Add a belt!

A basic shirt dangling outside a pleating skirt can make you look boxy and your legs look shorter. Adding a belt can instant accentuate your waist line and create a totally different look. Megan was wearing a dress but she smartly accessoried it with a belt creating a waist line that is not that obvious naturally.

6. Jacket + pleating skirt:

The great thing about pleating skirt is that it’s very versatile, can be worn in different seasons. Pleating skirt with a jacket on top is the perfect match for Spring and Autumn.

Spring and Summer are coming to southern hemisphere, are you ready to wear pleating skirts and dresses?

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