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google office sydney

So Google has just changed its logo font. You must have read a lot about that on the internet already.

Today’s topic is nothing about Google font.

I want to take you through part of Google Sydney office. The part that I have been to. It’s quite a style.

I had the pleasure visiting Google Sydney office last week and the meeting room we used is named “Moby Dick”. There is a gigantic white whale on the wall which made perfect sense.

Later I was told that whale on the wall is actually a writing board… cool.

After the meeting we had a tour around the Google office. It was then I realised, that meeting room was the only thing reminded me that we were in a company’s OFFICE.

google office sydney

Rock climbing after a game of pool any one?

The whole place is packed with funky game stations, beautiful resting areas and kitchens next to one another stocked up with healthy food.

No wonder Google employees are happy — they never get hungry!

Watching them playing around stirred up a mixed feeling inside me. I’m not quite sure what it was.

Envious about people get paid while playing as much as they wanted?

Guilty for employees not working hard enough (you see, I used to work for slave drivers)?

Inspired by the innovative working environment and culture?

That day I totally embarrassed myself, snapping away and made way too many “wow” sound than a normal adult should have.

But 0f course, I have Google to blame.

Oh btw this is my favorite area. I’m so getting a home library like this.15 - 4

You must be so disappointed in me. After seeing all these high tech toys, all I wanted is a library with a comfy chair.

Now you. What is the funkiest office you’ve been too?

Do you like working in a playful office?

What would your ideal office look like?



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