A Guide on Booking Your First Cruise

What could be better than relaxing on a luxurious ship soaking up the sun rays from a deck chair whilst overlooking an island paradise in the distance? If this sounds like a dream, check out this year’s hottest tips for taking a cruise.


Why Cruise:

A cruise holiday can range in the level of luxury and price from a short half-board three-day break to a several week all-inclusive around the world trip. And everything in between. Cruisers enjoy comfortable cabins and top-class service whilst visiting multiple destinations that otherwise may be difficult to reach. You don’t have to worry about transport, just enjoy the place that you’re in.

Some ships offer entertainment and black-tie events, which give a sample of the glamorous lifestyle to make the evenings a treat. Others have buffet-style dining options to eat on the deck, your cabin balcony, or around the pool. Escaping the bad weather and the mundane 9 to 5 is the perfect excuse to book your dream cruise to let yourself unwind.

What are the Hottest Cruise Destinations?

Popular routes are around the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and the Adriatic. Expect to visit countless islands and soak up the history and culture of past civilisations in Greece or seeing paradise on earth in the Bahamas. Other ships take passengers around the frozen wonderlands of Canada and Greenland for a more natural cruising experience.

Perhaps it’s time to splurge and take that three-month cruise around the world visiting all of the best spots on the planet. Or perhaps not! Not everyone has the time and money to finance it and you may want to opt for a shorter trip. Shorter cruises typically sail from Southampton and take you around Belgium, France, and Spain.

Tips for Booking a Cruise:

Before you let your imagination run wild with possibilities, consider your budget and the length of the trip. Next, what type of cruising experience are you looking for? Some want to enjoy the world class service in a luxurious cabin whereas others like to see multiple destinations. When you have an idea of your criteria, start searching for what’s available and sign up for email alerts from different companies.

Special promotions and discounts are regular when they’re not meeting the passenger quota. You could save on a last minute trip if you’re flexible. Or hop on a snap sale when it comes up to get your dream trip at a fraction of the cost. Monitor prices over a period of time and, just like a lion stalks his prey, pounce at just the right moment.

More exotic cruises usually require passengers to meet at the port of departure, which means you need to arrange your own flights. This isn’t a problem and could score you a few extra days relaxing before and after the cruise itself. However, not all cruises start and finish from the same point. One cruise may have multiple stops and travel in a linear manner whereas the next could be a round-trip. Make sure you know the starting and ending points before booking flights.

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Make Your Dream Come True:

Cruising offers packages for all budgets and durations in a variety of destinations around the globe. Stop fantasising and make your dream a reality.


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