Finding Your Sense of Adventure in Australia


There’s much to see and do in Australia. Spend your days exploring the cosmopolitan cities? Yupp. Do nothing other than lay on the beach and soak up the sun? Sounds good to us! However, while it can be fun to enjoy the laid-back pace of life that the country provides, let’s not forget that this land is a mecca for adventure! If you’re ready to get the adrenaline pumping, then you’ll find plenty of opportunities. Below, we take a look at five ways to find your adventure, whether you’re a native Aussie or you’re just visiting the Land Down Under.

A View From Above

>Australia looks pretty darn beautiful from ground level, but can you imagine what it would look like from the air? All that space, all that natural beauty, with not an obstruction in sight! To get up high and have a memorable experience, you have two options. The first is a hot air balloon. You’ll go up, cruise around the sky in peace, and then gently touch down when the adventure is over. The other is a skydive. This is slightly (ok, extremely) less peaceful, and definitely not for the faint-hearted. You will get a pretty awe-inspiring view, though, as you’re hurtling and then gliding towards earth.

Under the Sea

Being on land is all good and well, but if The Little Mermaid has taught us anything, it’s that it’s better down where it’s wetter! Australia is famous for all its awesome snorkelling opportunities, and the good thing about it is that almost anyone can take part. You’ll be able to explore all the colourful marine life that makes up the Great Barrier Reef as if you were a fish! There’s nothing quite like seeing fish and turtles doing their thing in their natural environment.

Following the Wildlife 

In a land as big as Australia, you better believe that there are plenty of enchanting animals roaming around. Being on the prowl trying to see a wild creature in the flesh is exciting enough, and it only gets better when you finally spot one! So what do you have to look forward to when you’re searching for wildlife? Well, you might just see a kangaroo, or a little penguin, or a koala bear, or maybe a quokka (which if you didn’t know, might just be the cutest creature on earth). 

Into the Park 

It’s kinda hard to know where to start when we’re talking about Kakadu National Park. It’s massive, it’s amazingly diverse, it has bags of Aboriginal history; or in other words, it’s a land that’s ripe for adventure. Go swimming, hiking, take in the views – you can do it all. Word of advice: don’t forget to bring your camera!

Into the Wild

Now, you’ll want to have some experience if you’re planning on going camping in Australia. But if you’re familiar with the outdoors, then you’ll find plenty of opportunities to enjoy all the natural beauty this land provides in an intimate way – and you’ll also find out just why Australia is so good for stargazing!

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