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Are you hoping to still squeeze in a summer getaway this year? There are lots of awesome destinations you could choose from, but have you ever considered going to Bali? This Indonesian island is a tourist favorite, but it’s still possible to escape all the overwhelming tour groups and crowds. You just need to know some insider secrets! Hopefully, all of the following tips and secrets can help you make the most of your time in Bali.

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Head North Or West

Ok, so there are loads of crowds all over Bali. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet and is no longer an untouched paradise. Sure, it still feels like being in paradise, but you will have to share it with some other travelers! But if you want to stay away from the crowds as much as possible, you will need to head to the north or west of the island. These areas aren’t so touristy, and you will find that they are a lot more chilled out.

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Bali’s Best Beaches

Do you want to spend your vacation showing off your new full piece swimwear by the ocean? If so, you will need to know which of Bali’s beaches are the best! If you want some high-end luxury, head to the five-star Nusa Dua. This stretch of coast is a reclaimed mango swamp and is famous for its white sand and pretty reef. Kuta Beach is another favorite with visitors. It stretches for 8 kilometers and is popular with people watching sunrises and sunsets.

Don’t Drink The Water

Once upon a time, you had to be extremely careful about your diet while in Bali. Ideally, you would have to stay away from anything that had been freshly prepared with water. So, things like salad, fresh fruit and some meat used to be avoided. Thankfully, the island has greatly improved its hygiene standards, and now you just have to be mindful not to drink tap water.

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Pack Your Posh Clothes

You might think that you can just pack beachwear seeing as Bali is best-known for its beaches. But, you better save some space for some fancy clothes in your case! There are many high-end bars and restaurants on the island. If you aren’t dressed correctly, you just won’t be let in. So, make sure you have something you can dress up in, and then you won’t risk being turned away!

Remember To Respect Religion

The locals of Bali are very religious, and you should respect all of their customs and traditions. You might also want to check the Bali calendar. If your trip falls on a religious holiday, you might find that there are some closed streets to make way for the festivities. This could ruin your travel plans if you want to explore the island! So, remember to carefully time your trip and dress modestly while you are on the island.

Bali is such a great vacation destination; you certainly won’t forget your time there. Just remember these tips to ensure you have fun!


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