Alpha Restaurant Sydney

Alpha restaurant sydney

A group of us went to Alpha for a birthday celebration the other Saturday & had a great time catching up.

Because we went as a group for lunch, we were serviced the family style lunch menu that consists those dishes:

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 3.13.13 PM

Apart from great company, there are three positive points about Alpha that made the lunch so enjoyable.

  • The clever & elegant fit-out

I must say, to me the highlight of Alpha restaurant is how it has been designed. The high ceiling dinning room is decorated with large brown bird cage like, fishnet inspired hanging lights and a battered looking Greek inscribed wall. On the street front, the main white entrance to the dinning room is adjacent to a cafe with casual wooden tables and stools. The upper levels of the building again, have a kind of battered Grecian appearance. What a good mix of ancient Greek & modernism inside out. I don’t pretend to be a big fan of Greek food but I can come anytime, just to admire Alpha’s fit-out.

Alpha restaurant sydney

Mobile snaps of Alpha Restaurant Sydney



  • Lightness in flavor

None of the dishes on the 7 course lunch menu was packed with flavor but I much appreciated the lightness of food serviced at the Alpha restaurant. There’s an organic & healthy feel to all the dishes. Noting is too oily or salty. My personal favorites are the smoke eggplant dip and spinach pies.

  • Big servings

If you are hungry, you at in the right restaurant. The servings are huge & there’s plenty of food for everyone.

I love seafood so the only downside of the meal experience was missing out the opportunity to pick and try any Alpha’s seafood dish. However that gave me an excuse to go back one day, it’s my kind of place just to sit back and relax.
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