5 Charity Challenges to Set Yourself

Setting yourself a personal challenge of some kind is a great way to focus your mind and channel your efforts towards achieving a particular goal. If you can do this while raising money for a charity that is special to you, this is even better! The question remains: what fundraising challenge should you set yourself? Well, there are all kinds of options out there so it is worth thinking hard before you settle on one that is right for you. Here are just a few ideas to spark off your imagination!

Run a Marathon

Probably the most common fundraising challenge that people set themselves, running a marathon is undoubtedly an incredible feat of endurance. You will need to be committed to months of training, in which you set aside hours of time so that you can keep building up your distances. If you are not a regular runner or gym goer, you will probably want to go for a shorter distance, but giving yourself a target to aim for gives you a great challenge and an incredible feeling of accomplishment at the end.

Take on a Physical Challenge

If running is really not your thing, there are plenty of other physical challenges that you could set yourself. Just a few different options include climbing, cycling, hiking or canoeing. Choose a particular challenge that you would like to tackle; it may be that there is a hiking trail that you would like to complete or a river that you would like to cross. Taking on some sort of physical challenge is a great way to capture the imagination of potential fundraisers.

Go on a Journey

go on a journey

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Choose a particular journey that has some sort of personal significance to you and take this on using a mode of transport of your choice; whether this on foot, by bike or by car. You can take an epic charity road trip. Ultimately, you can choose the distance you would like to cover, and you could even set yourself a time limit to ramp up the challenge.

Overcome a Fear

If, for example, you have a huge fear of heights and build yourself up to taking part in a skydive or bungee jump, not only is this an incredible accomplishment for yourself, you also have a great story to tell which will certainly inspire people to donate to charity. Obviously, you won’t be able to leap headfirst out of a plane straight away, but you can gradually build up to this over time until you are able to overcome your fear.

Climb a Mountain

Another classic challenge that people set themselves is to reach the top of a famous peak. It all depends on how high the mountain is before you know how much training and effort you will need to put in to reach the top. There is nothing like the feeling of satisfaction and personal accomplishment when you can stand at the top with your arms aloft!

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