10 Ways To Stay Motivated

I talk about motivation quite a lot on this blog because it’s not easy to stay motivated all the time.
Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once said: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.”

If you are feeling less energetic lately, here are 10 ways to stay motivated.

1. Develop a passion

It’s hard to feel motivated if you don’t feel passionate about something. Passion is what drives us to do things. Can you find at least two consuming passions in your life? It can be cooking, reading, sports, your career or achieving financial security. The more you train your mind to get passionate about things, the more likely you are to feel motivated in your life and geared up to do things.

2. Dream big, but don’t be a big dreamer

Believe it or not,these are two very different things. People who dream big have goals, stay motivated and go for what they want. Whereas people who are big dreamers tend to live in fantasy land rather than going after what they want, because the fantasy is just so nice and enjoyable. It’s much pleasurable to muse it over and play it out in your head than make it real. Have to admit , sadly I belong to the latter category most of the time.

3. Don’t procrastinate all the time

Are yo a big talker? Or some one who always has brilliant ideas but can’t put your plans into action? Like a big dreamer, procrastinating continuously get get you anywhere either. We need less thinking/talking, more doing.

4. Motivate other people

There’s nothing more likely to get you feeling motivated than to motivate others. So be someone’s cheerleader and you’ll discover the power of motivation and how it could work for you. Being a mentor, or positive friend. Help people highlight their strength, build goals and go after their dreams. Try it – you’ll surprised how effective it is.

5. Entice a reward

The trouble having zero motivation is that it makes you feel guilty, bad and fed up with your lack of zest. Change tactics and dangle a carrot in front of your face instead. Enticement of a reward works better as a motivator than guilt, whatever your goad is.

6. Do something everyday

It’s hard to be motivated when you’re overwhelmed by the big picture. Start small and do something every single day. Everyday write down three things you have to that will take you closer to your end goal. The key is consistency. If you are loosing momentum, ask a friend or expert along to help wither to boost your confidence or tackle a task with you. It can help make your task fun, keep your goals upbeat and enable you to see the bigger picture, just when you feel your motivation slipping away.

7. Finish what you start

This is a major motivation tip, because if you have trouble with motivation it’s also likely you have trouble finishing what you start. If his is the case, train yourself to finish things – even if you’ve lost interest. Getting to the end of a task teaches you that you are someone who is capable of completing tasks.

8. Energy yourself

It’s hard to stay focused if you feel tired and exhausted all the time. This means that if you are trying to motivate yourself you need to lose a few of your lazy habits (sorry). Eat well, sleep well, exercise and take vitamins if necessary. You’ll find you have the energy to get up and do things.

9. Surround yourself with go-getting people

Mix with people who have a real verve for life. Notice how your energy flags when you spend time with someone who moans all the time. Or is negative about everything. Motivated people give you energy and make you feel you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Find this type of people and stick to them.

10. Keep going

Stay motivated is hard, especially when the days get hotter and everyone is taking it easy and having a good time. These are days to watch out. While you take a break, don’t take your eyes off the ball or too long. Or else you’ll feel back at square one.

Stay motived.

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