Weekly Reminder: Do One Thing A Day That Scares You

I can be a notorious quitter and will avoid confrontation at any cost. If something becomes too difficult/awkward/uncomfortable from my point of view, I just walk away. I will never confront anybody if I’m feeling being unfairly treated. I will never negotiate my salary or working condition when I’m unvalued and under paid. Look, I’m feeling uncomfortable already admitting this publicly on my blog.

The thing is, simply walk away from problems won’t help in the long run. I can change countries/cities I live, switch jobs and leave people who hurt me but the same problems and discomfort will occur everywhere. I will still feel uncomfortable and dissatisfied.

Years ago, one quote on a Lululemon shopping bag stood out and stared at me: “Do one thing a day that scares you.” I know that saying well, but I just wouldn’t do because do one thing that scares me a day scares me. It’s uncomfortable.

I need to learn to stand up to my lazy self and overcome my fear of being uncomfortable. Here are some quick examples for what can be done this week:

  • Go to the gym when all I want to do to is to curl up warmly with a big bowl of chips.
  • Drive at night to the gym when it’s dark and freezing cold outside (Great, I’ve done two things that scare me already by going to the gym at night).
  • Get up before 6am on the weekend and do more.
  • Write a blog post when I don’t feel like writing at all.
  • Approach someone with a proposal knowing 99.9% of the chance I’ll be ignored or rejected.
  • Stopping over-eating when I feel uncomfortable and a little depressed.
  • Keep trying after I’ve failed. Things might go wrong. So what? Move on and try again.

Now over to you, what things can be done to staying out of your comfort zone?

Do one thing scares you a day. Go on, don’t be afraid. Become familiar with discomfort.



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