Taking a Solo Break Away From It All

Sometimes, in life, it can be good to take some time out for yourself – and what better way than taking a solo break away from it all to replenish and refocus.

We’ve all heard the revolution of solo female travellers trailblazing the way for independent solo female travel with blogs and vlogs aplenty… but, if you’re looking for a trip to get your heart and head together, you might need a different approach.

After all, whilst taking snaps by a luxurious pool with your outfit from Bohemian Treasure will certainly make you look the part, the point of this trip is for you to allow yourself the time and freedom to be yourself and really get to grips with where you want to go in life.

In that vein, here are some top tips…


If you’re looking for a solo getaway, to do some soul searching, then your choice of destination is going to be the hardest thing.  Let’s face it, the majority of people planning such a trip will have recently undergone some form of loss – often in the context of a relationship, so you don’t necessarily want to be checking into a honeymoon hotel that would feel akin to the guy in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”.

That said, you want more soul than a business complex and perhaps a little more comfort than a backpacker town – meaning, the most ideal destination in terms of accommodation is likely something a little quirky and upmarket but rustic and rural.  This tends to attract a reasonably gentile crowd that, if they are couples, aren’t usually rubbing it in your face – preferring to read a book by the pool and have a relaxing meal at night.


You want to make sure that this trip has enough activity to keep you entertained, whilst not being so busy you’re too distracted to focus and connect with your innermost feelings.  In this sense, a yoga holiday often works well because there’s something to do, but it’s not like a firework distracting you from the purpose of your trip.

The key point, is you want to have enough activities planned for your trip to keep you entertained and not sat, feeling alone, perhaps dwelling a little too much on your emotions. You want to be true to the purpose of the trip which is to take a break away from it all in order to connect with yourself.


You don’t necessarily need to spend heaps of money to indulge, but treat your inner child to what it needs – for instance, if you fancy an ice cream be sure to get your favourite flavours and indulge in the gastronomy of the local area… if you see a speed boat trip you would love to go on, then book it.  The point is, that just because you’re by yourself doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all the things everyone else does.

Give yourself permission to indulge, and look after the most important person in your life – yourself.

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