Do you like flying? I mean, flying on an airplane as a passenger. As a resident of Australia, a continent that is so remote to any other continent, traveling overseas is always going to involve some long hours on the planes. But I kind of like long distant flight. The transit between each connecting flight is a killer –  but let’s not talk about that today. Let’s have a chat about how I attempt to be comfortable and stylish on a plane today.

You may ask, why do you like long distant flight? First of all, being a reckless person; I’m not afraid of flight or … should I? Knowing that I’m going to explore some new places or revisit some favorite places always excites me. The fact that I’m going to be stuck in a small space for many many hours doesn’t bother me that much. I do sitting well. Besides, it’s going to be the perfect “me” time! No phone calls, no emails, I’m going to have uninterrupted hours to catch up with the latest movies, read a book, play a game or have a nap, without feeling guilty. Yeah, I’m one of those few people who can sleep on a plane. And, there’s no need to worry about what to eat and cook… Those pleasant and ever fashionable flight attendants will bright me meals and refreshment.

However, long distant flight can get uncomfortable. My big problems are  dehydration and the sharp ear pains when the plane is landing. So over the years I’ve learned to take more care about being comfortable on a plane and take the following with me:

  • Plenty of water.
  • Small individually packed lubricant eye drops.
  • A small tube of face & hand cream.
  • Panadols (pain killer) for headaches caused by dehydration and low quality sleep.
  • Chewing gum for those ear pains.

The stylish bit is mainly referring me looking at stylish flight attendants of different airlines – their perfectly cut designer uniforms, immaculately cared hair, statement ties & scarves; and admiring their ability to stay so stylish and fresh all the time on a plane. Then I came across this cool infographic that tells us all about Australia’s top airline styles and the interesting stories behind their flight attendant collections:

style-high-club-where-fashion-meets-the-skies- Be Comfortable and Stylish on A Plane

It is known that major airlines and designers are teamed up for those fabulous uniforms but wow, this info-graphic shows a lot more in details! No wonder Singapore airline flight attendants are always so attractive – their outfits are personally tailored for each flight attendant, and grooming exports create their very own make-up guide!

Though Virgin is known as a budget airline, the purple scarves really added a touch of luxury.

Oh, the signature red lipsticks of Air Emirates – in whichever shade suits both skin tone and hat color:)

Feeling inspired?

In light of being stylish, a few friends of mine did ask what to to wear to survive a long flight while not looking too sloppy. Well years ago I used to wear jeans.. but not any more. I’m no fashion expert but happy to share my usual flight wardrobe. Note being comfortable and convenient to wear is on the top of my priority list:


  • A comfortable midi or max dress in warm weather. Always bring an extra comfortable jacket, sometimes the air conditioning in the plane is so strong, it can be freezing in the cabin.
  • Cotton pull over shirts or sweater with my beloved Lululemon yoga pants, the thick, good quality ones (not those flimsy ones that caused a media stir).
  • Or Juicy Couture track suits – their track suit pants form perfect shapes:).  Shopping outlets in the US offer a good variety and prices for high quality cotton shirts and jackets and Juicy Couture tack suits and.

Due to me lack of patience, my flight footwear doesn’t involve shoe lace tying:

  • Havaiana thongs (the only thongs I wear).
  • Ballerina flats.
  • Soft leather boots.

Now back to you.

Which uniform do you like the most from the infographic above?

What do like you wearing on the planes?

What tips do you have to share to stay comfortable and fashionable during a long flight?

Tell me in the comments.

Be Comfortable and Stylish on A Plane