Since the end of last year, Woollongong has become my favourite day trip destination, and whenever my parents come back to Sydney, they’d like to go visit Nantien Temple. It’s been nearly three years since my last visit to Nan Tien Temple, which is only a very short drive from Woollongong city and a such surreal place to be in a hot, otherwise buzzing day.

It was so nice take my parents to South Coast to have a chilled out day and tick off one thing off my before year end to do list. One of the other thing I’d really like to do is to take more time to read & finish War and Peace. I enjoy the english version immensely so next week might be the time to slow down and enjoy some quiet reading time finally.

Photos of Nan Tien Temple and Woollongong Light House from this trip, taking with dad’s android mobile phone. Love the layers of clouds on the sky that day!

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