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mount wilson red dress
Mount Wilson (1 of 1)
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Bought this Summer, this is my first ever red dress. Apart from dressing up for to have some photos taken, I don’t see any other occasions it could be had. I was buying it regardless. To me, it was like fulfilling childhood dreams – to dance freely in a large circle skirt, in a far far away land.

Well Australia is quite far away from any other continent and Mt Wilson is about 100km west from Sydney – not particularly close either. I was too intimidated to wear anything red when I was young. Grey and brown coloured outfits were my wardrobe staples. But now? I don’t care that much. You see, age is a good thing. It gives you confidence. It makes you do whatever pleases you.



Compared to Sydney, there’s a burst of Autumn colors in Blue Mountains, even in late autumn.

For the record, Sydney’s had the warmest Autumn in 20 years. We didn’t realize it’s late autumn already until we drove all the way to the mountains yesterday and found out that almost all the colorful leaves were on the ground. Nevertheless, they still looked amazing and sort of color coordinated with my boots…

Autumn Colors In Blue Mountains

We managed to locate the last surviving colorful leaves and flowers in Mount Tomah botanic garden and Mount Wilson. Did I mention Sydney is kind of boring for landscape photography? Yes that. Living in Sydney, I haven’t seen proper autumn foliage for years. You could possibly imagine my excitement before we headed off to the mountains. I packed 2 fully charged spare batteries for camera, 2 empty memory cards and loads of imagination.

First stop, Mount Tomah Botanic Garden.

There wasn’t much Autumn colors in this garden but nothing could escape my eagerly searching eyes. Those are images of few colorful plants scattered here and there:

autumn flowers in mountains-002

autumn flowers in mountains-001

autumn flowers in mountains-003

autumn flowers in mountains-004

It was a warm Saturday day, perfect for people getting married in the Garden. Actually, there were quite a few couples getting married there. Looks how cute were these 2 cars driving past me:

mt. royal botanic garden

Love those warm yellow and green color combination. This plant looked full of life and hope in the bright daylight.

autumn foliage in mountains-002

There were a few remaining roses in the rose garden.

autumn foliage in mountains-003

autumn foliage in mountains-004

Only saw one maple tree but that was enough for one good photo:).

Autumn Colors In Blue Mountains mount tomah

Mount Wilson is only 15 minutes away from Mount Tomah but the temperature there is clearly much lower. It is by far the best spot for Autumn colors in Blue Mountains area. Obviously, there were better photo opportunities a week or two before as most of the trees were nearly bare. Even so, Mount Wilson never disappoints. There’s no cafe, restaurants or shops selling souvenirs in Mount Wilson.  Here, you get plenty natural beauty, fresh air and charming parks.

Autumn Colors In Blue Mountains mount wilson

Autumn Colors In Blue Mountains mount wilson

Autumn Colors In Blue Mountains mount wilson

Autumn Colors In Blue Mountains mount wilson

Autumn Colors In Blue Mountains mount wilson

Autumn Colors In Blue Mountains mount wilson

Autumn Colors In Blue Mountains mount wilson

Though we missed the peak autumn colors in Blue Mountains and I didn’t get to use any of my spare batteries or camera cards to take lots of pictures, I wasn’t even slightly disappointed with the trip. I got the best was on offer that day. And that, is enough.