It’s been cold lately … really cold. When chilly wind is blowing and temperate drops to 5 degrees in Sydney, I don’t feel like going out at night at all. And I don’t feel like cooking and washing up, either. Yeah, call me lazy.

So what’s for dinner? Well, let me tell you about my latest addiction (thanks to Josh) – Menulog:).

What’s Menulog? Some of you might ask. It is a company sells food, lots of different kinds of food from over 3,500 restaurants, online!

I’m no stranger of online shopping but shopping for food delivery online? Never before.

So I was a little curious and nervous to try it out. What if it’s difficult? What if the site crashes often? What if I can’t find what I like? What if…?

But it turned out to be so easy to order food delivery online from Menulog. I was super impressed with the service and really enjoyed the food of my choice from the massive selections menulog offers.

Here are the simple steps of how to order food delivery online:
  • Go to: you’ll see the main page as below:

How to order food delivery online

  • Make your selection: Enter your suburb or postcode and hit the “let’s go” button. It will then show you all the restaurants listed on Menulog within your area. There are lots of choices, but the “refine your search” menu on left hand side of the page will help you to choose what you want faster.  My choice was simple and easy as I’m always decisive about food;) I wanted Thai for dinner so I simply ticked the box next to “Thai” under select cuisine section. We love food from Thai on Wok so I simply went to them and ordered the dishes we liked. You can also browse all Thai takeaway & delivery available on Menulog and make your choice from there.
  • Put through your order and make a payment: Once you’ve selected the dishes, simple press the “place your order button”. BTW the delivery fee was only $3! Payment can be make via credit card or paypal. I uesd paypal so there’s no need to type in all the digital numbers.
  • Receive confirmation: Menulog will give you an order number and clear instructions as to what to expect until your order is delivered to you once the payment is done. You’ll then receive email and SMS confirmation of your order.
  • Yummy dinner to be delivered to your door! The good thing about Menulog online ordering is that you can place your order even when the restaurant is closed. There’s no need to wait until the restaurant of your choice is open. Thai on Wok open at 5pm. I placed my order at 3pm for the food to be delivered on 6pm. At 5.58pm, my door bell rung:) And there was the driver with containers of yummy Thai at my door step. How good was that!

Food was delicious as always from Thai on Wok and the price we order through Menulog was the same as we were ordering directly from the restaurants. That night J and I  finished our dinner while watch TV with the heater on, full and content. You know the rest of the story – I was hooked from then on. Order food delivery online, way to go:).