louis vuitton postcards

A post card arrived in my letter box the other day, from an old friend that I thought we’d lost in touch. That got me all excited cause I haven’t received a postcard for a long time (it must have been even longer since last time I sent one)! Seeing a card with handwritten message on it was so much different from receiving an email message. It reminded me how important it is to keep in touch with friends in life and … my Louis Vuitton Postcards.

louis vuitton post cards

The Louis Vuitton postcards are fun, ridiculously cute and collectible. That’s my opinion any way. I simply couldn’t resist those colorful hotel stickers in a nicely presented, Louis Vuitton monogrammed box.  For someone who loves travel and art, this box of postcards are just perfect.  The whole set consists 30 postcards reproducing 30 hotel labels from Louis Vuitton’s private collection. Reading the little booklet, I also learnt a lost travel tradition that in a way, rather amusing.

In the old days the great hotels of the world, from the Plazza Athenee in Paris to the Astor Hose in Shanghai stuck their hotels labels on the trunks and luggage of passing travelers. Apart from being a form of Hotel advertisement, it was believed that these labels were also used as a secret language, providing information on the journeys made by the owner of said trunk. By reading into the way those labels were stuck on to the luggage, hotel staff could communicate with each other and value the customers in terms of tips or, their manners.

Bellboys and porters labeled the traveler both literally and figuratively “very generous”, “bad”, “unpleasant but good”, “ beginner not used to traveling” or … take this, “unpleasant leech”. If a label was stuck on the bottom left corner of a truck, it could mean the traveler “is a crank”! So be mindful when you travel people, hotel staff might still have secrete codes in the modern days that you are not aware of:).

louis vuitton postcardsHotel labels through travel, a private collection from Louis Vuitton

Do you still send postcards? Have you received one lately? You know what,  I might start sending these Louis Vuitton postcards to my friends overseas and surprise them, just as soon as I get through everything that is waiting for me today.