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This year I’m in a process of learning how to set up systems to achieve my goals.

One of my goals of 2015 is to be healthy and feeling good as a result of it.

I strongly dislike running & I hate my voice. Why?

I’ll be out of breath after a few steps of running. My voice is very weak with a narrow range and sounding squeaky when I talk normally.

My usual tactic to deal with things I don’t like is to avoid them by all means. But life is full of challenges and obstacles, how can we achieve anything if we just run away from our fears and discomfort? So I decided to get used to being a little uncomfortable by pushing myself doing things that I would normally avoid.

My lung capacity is very small naturally. I think that caused me to be running out of air quickly during running or speech.

How come I didn’t think of this any earlier? Lung capacity can be improved by excising right?

So I’m starting to do cardio exercise to improve my lung capacity. For 21 days (from 27 Jan to 16th of Feb), I’ll jump rope – the basic format 1000 jumps all up, every night before shower. I dislike jumping rope just as much as running. The reason I choose jumping rope is because it’s a relatively easy to access and private.  There’s a quiet corner I know that I can jump rope without people staring.

This is the second challenge I’ve set for me in 2015 after my 20 Day Plank and Push up challenge. It’s much harder but I am capable of doing it. Let’s see if I’ll be less out of breath after 21 days of jumping rope every day.

motivational quote