Newly wed Jessica Biel Timberlake was spotted carrying a Fendi Baguette bag recently, together with her big rock and beaming smile.

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A legend in Italian fashion since 1925, the Fendi logo is a symbol of quality and status know worldwide. The Fendi sisters work closely with designer Karl Lagerfeld. It was Silvia Venturini Fendi who designed the famous Fendi Baguette Bag in 1997.

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Sarah Jessica Parker has spoken about her love for Fendi’s Iconic Baguette Bag, one of her Sex and The City Character Carrie Brashaw’s most famous accessories, in a book called Fendi Baguette.

“Having the Fendi Baguette was a very big deal, and the gate way to everything else”, Parker writes. “ It really opened the floodgates and influenced the storyline ~ especially Carrie’s habit of spending more money on fashion than her home. The Fendi Baguette Bag became a staple of Carrie’s wardrobe and character… I recently archived both (my original) Baguettes to keep them in pristine condition. Now that I have two daughters, they can each have one.”

Yes Fendi Baguette bags are expensive. But in reality, you don’t have be like Carrie, spending a fortune on a designer bag. You can still look after your home and look fabulous. Get a like new or gently used authentic Fendi Baguette Bag at a fraction of its original cost, providing you know how to spot the real deal.

How To Spot An Authentic Fendi Baguette Bag

Check the following before you make your purchase:

Fendi Hardware:

Fendi bags are accented with high quality hardware. Feel the weight, especially the Front bucket with the huge FF logo. It’s definitely not the flimsy type.

Fendi Logo:

  • A Fendi Baguette bag has Fendi logo engraving on every part of its hardware.
  • On the reverse side of the front FF logo buckle.
  • On the side buckets that attach the shoulder strap to the bag.
  • Fendi logo plate inside the bag.
  • The inside wall pocket has FF logo zipper pull.

Serial Number:

The original Fendi bag comes with a serial number. You can find Fendi Serial numbers either in the side lining of the inner pocket or on a leather strip between the seams inside the bag.

Hologram sticker:

Since around 2004, Fendi introduced hologram sticker on their bags for authenticity purpose. Fendi bags produced prior to that don’t have hologram. Real hologram stickers are of high quality and they don’t fall off. Fake bags have fake hologram stickers on them but they tend to fall off easily. They also have different color refection and feel to them that can be spotted by a pair of trained eyes.

Wear it strap on or strap off?

Your choice:).

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