Have you ever been surrounded by people and yet felt so alone? I was hitting an emotional wall last week and desperately seeking the way out. Thankfully, drawing came to my rescue.

A life drawing class during the week with a great teacher sparked my interest of more drawing. Drawing life models always sounded like a daunting/impossible task to me, especially when the model changes position every 5 minutes. But after a couple of hours warming up and practice, the mission impossible seemed almost achievable.

*** Sometimes you don’t really know what you limit is. Just give it a go and you’ll be surprised.

I spent a restful weekend hitting golf balls and drawing. It doesn’t read like physically restful, does it:). How luxurious it feels to just do something you really like, without thinking anything else and worrying.

Do you know drawing is really therapeutic? What can you do when you feel depressed and only want to paint with shades of grey? Draw.

*** When you are feeling down, take some time out to do things you really enjoy doing and soak in completely.

In lieu of life models, I used photos of people. This Karl Urban portrait was sketched with a 2B pencil. I took this photo of him from the Star Trek, Into Darkness Sydney Red Carpet premiere. His serious look in this picture suits my mood perfectly.

karl urban drawing

*** Believe it or not, motivational quotes can give you a mood lift when you are feeling down.

not quit

Don’t quit, don’t ever quit on believing in yourself.

It’s never too late to learn. It’s never too late to learn. It’s never too late to Learn.

I’m back to school today, for my first ever proper art class. My heart rate started to accelerate before the class from excitement of fulfilling one of my childhood dreams: To learn drawing and painting.

It’s a 10 weeks’ course with one of the best art school in Australia, which has been around since 1890. I probably won’t mention the school’s name until I can produce some kind of artwork, but will make notes on my progress from time to time.

I’m feeling a little exhausted from standing long hours on my feet and traveling back home in the rain. But I am so HAPPY and can’t wait to be back for more.

Here’s some impressive artwork from the School:

first art class (2 of 3)

My first consignment  – Drawing the outline of a child statue:

first art class (1 of 1)

Despite the rain, the classes are very full. Our group is learning the basic drawing and painting. Next room, the life drawing class is on with a live model. OMG. The first time I’ve seen a naked live model! Please excuse me. I feel like a schoolgirl again.