cascade waterfall vanuatu

I first heard of the beautiful Mele Cascade Waterfalls Vanuatu long before we made our way to Vanuatu. For some reason I imagined that it would be easy to browse around the Cascade Waterfalls Vanuatu, maybe because Vanuatu is a very relaxed country. But I was so wrong. You need to be fairly fit and be prepared to make all the way to the top.

cascade waterfalls vanuatu

There are a lot guided tours to take you around the Waterfalls. But you don’t really need to take a tour to thoroughly enjoy what the magnificent Waterfalls have to offer. In fact you might enjoy it more without the time strain of a tour.

If you go to Vanuatu, visiting Cascade Waterfalls is a must. There are lots of buses taking you to Cascade Waterfalls Vanuatu from Port Villa town center for little cost. Hiring a private bus to take you around the whole island is also a recommended option.

We hired a bus with a driver on the day we went to Cascade Waterfalls Vanuatu. Watching the landscape pass from our bus was a delight. On the way to the waterfalls, our bus drove pass a teenage boy sitting on the side of the road, not doing anything particularly.

We started our journey from the main gate of cascade waterfalls. The route is straightforward with clear paths to lead you up.  It’s not easy to be lost here even for someone with a bad sense of direction like me. As I mentioned before, you don’t need to join a tour to walk around here. The cascade waterfalls are a series of rock – pools set in the hills of Port Vila leading to a spectacular waterfall. There are cafes on the base where you can enjoy fruit drinks and have a dip in the rock pool next to it. The scenic lower parts of the falls are just as amazing if you are not able to make all the way to the top. There are tropical plants everywhere and the colors are just beautiful.

cascade waterfalls vanuatu

cascade waterfalls vanuatu

We slowly trekked up for the main waterfalls. There was about 20 minutes’ walk uphill most of the way and we all needed to hold the ropes crossing the river. The water was so clear and felt beautifully cool on the legs.

Just below the top part of the waterfall, there’s hut and a couple of guards who look after visitors’ belongings. We left our bags and camera there in order to wade in the water and climb up the rocks lightly. I was glad we took our reef shoes with us as the climb was steep and rocks were slippery. You need to wear shoes in the water.

cascade waterfalls vanuatu

We made it all the way to the top. It was worth every effort. The view on top was heavenly beautiful. So beautiful that J had to go back to the hut to get our big camera.

There are hidden caves behind the big waterfalls. We didn’t even want to leave the rock pools.

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On the way back to Port Villa, we drove pass that boy we saw in the morning, still sitting at the same spot, still doing nothing. I envy people who have 5 hours in a day to watch the day go by like that. Did I say the lifestyle in Vanuatu is quite relaxed?:)

If you go visiting Cascade Waterfalls Vanuatu, allow yourself at least 90 minutes to 2 hours to explore and enjoy. Things to bring:

  • Swimmers;
  • Reef shoes;
  • Camera.