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If your loved one has a big birthday coming up, then throwing them an unforgettable birthday party could be a great gift for them. There are a number of ‘big’ ages in our lives that we all celebrate, from 21 to 50. The tips in this guide will help you to throw an awesome party, whatever their age!

Send Out Invites Well In Advance

You want plenty of people to turn up to this birthday party, or at least all of the people who matter. Make sure you send out the invites well in advance so that people have time to make arrangements for babysitters and days off work if needed. You can’t complain that nobody has turned up if you haven’t given people enough notice. Chances are that if only a handful of people turn up, your guest of honour may be embarrassed and wish you never threw them a party at all.

Consider Keeping It A Secret

You can always consider keeping the party a secret from the guest of honor, which is sure to make the party unforgettable in the first place, as it’ll be such a surprise! Make sure all of the guests know not to say anything at all, and avoid telling anybody who tends to have loose lips. You want the look on the guest of honor’s face to be that of genuine surprise!

Come Up With A Fun Theme They’ll Like

Having a birthday party theme can make the party so much more fun and exciting. Whether you’re throwing the party for a child or a fully grown person, a theme is always an option. You could make it a free for all fancy dress, or choose a specific theme to run with.

Find The Perfect Venue

Having the right venue is really important for a party. If the party is just going to be close friends and family, then you could potentially hold it at a house. However, for most parties you’ll need to rent or book a room. Some rooms are free with a certain number of guests!

Research Different Caterers For Food

Finding the right caterer means wowing everybody with the food. Everybody knows that food is one of the best parts of any party, so make sure you take your time with this bit. Spit roast catering is really popular and all guests should enjoy a hearty meal. Alternatively you can just serve finger food.

Make Sure It Suits Their Personality And Tastes

Of course you want this party to suit the guest of honor’s personality and tastes down to the ground. They’re not going to want a huge ball thrown in their honor if they don’t like attention on them. Consider them and what they’ll enjoy before anything else.

Hopefully these tips help you to throw a brilliant party for your loved one. You’ll both be able to look back on it forever and have amazing memories! Leave your own tips below, I’d love to hear them!