Sydney Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival 2015

Sydney Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival 2015-ready-to-wear runway

Do you understand all the fuss about fashion weeks all over the world? I normally don’t.
I’m way too lazy to follow any fashion trend, even way too lazy to brush my hair properly everyday. But I do want to look presentable and like all things pretty. So I decided to go and have a look when I got media tickets for all the shows of this year’s Sydney Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival.

Still not brushing my hair, I was wearing a hat, a small one so that nobody will take notice of me,or my hat.
There were many, many girls dressed up posing selfies everywhere. I walked past  the crowd quietly, trying to rush to my seat and wait for the show to begin.

So this year’s Sydney Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival contained 3 main categories:
Ready-to-Wear Runway, Australian Luxe and Red Carpet Runway.

First up, Ready-to-Wear Runway. I know that ready-to wear-runway doesn’t mean ready-to-wear everyday (part of the reason I’m not that excited about fashion shows). But this show was supposed to be the place to experience all the highlights from the Fashion Week plus the premiere of next season’s key looks and trends. Part of my mission of this year is to be more observant, instead of living in my own world. So I was keen to find out the fashion trends for this coming Spring. Glad to report white, one of my favorite colors appears to be on trend. It made major appearances in all the fashion shows.

Here are some looks from Sydney Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival 2015 Ready-to-Wear Runway:

Sydney Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival 2015 3 Sydney Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival 2015 4 Sydney Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival 2015-001

If you went to the show too, did you notice? The gladiator/ bandage sandals are back (and other strapped-in sandal looks)! And this is the one trend I won’t follow due to laziness and fat ankles.

Sydney Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival shoes 2015-001

Australian Luxe was a new addition to the schedule in 2015, featuring Australia’s biggest design names. The designers included: Bianca Spender, Christopher Esber, Dion Lee, Ginger & Smart, Karla Spetic, Romance Was Born.

Quite a few pieces had been shown on the Ready-to-wear Runway but there were some additional interesting pieces and lots of classic black and white.

Sydney Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival 2015-luxe

Sydney Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival luxe shoes 2015-luxe

I was looking forward to the Red Carpet Runway and all that glitz and glamour. In my opinion, this is the part where that we ordinary people can just sit back and be entertained.

Here are some looks on Sydney Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival 2015 Red Carpet Runway.

Sydney Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival 2015-red carpet runway

Sydney Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival luxe shoes 2015-red carpet runway

Admittedly, the looks were a bit modest compared to runway shows of big international names. But the finale was quite spectacular. I had a little video clip on my Sumsung Note. But someone advised that it is better to use a third-party video sharing service such as YouTube or Vimeo to upload videos, which means I need to figure out how to do it first before showing you the clip:). I’m on it. Promise.

After each show, you would be lead to the hub on the way out where you could taste apple cider, sip champagne and eat lollies in between flowers and shinny little cars.

Sydney Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival hubMore dressed up girls taking selfies. I get it now. There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself and having a good time. Life is supposed to be fun. If fashion is your thing, have fun with it! Totally.

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