A Superior Exterior: Presenting The Best You

positivePeople talk about how you can change yourself from the inside outward, that developing that sense of inner confidence will impact on how you externalize yourself, and yes, it’s true. But it is a long journey to undertake. It is a worthwhile journey, but in this world that looks for quick hacks so they can get onto the next thing, people are looking for ways to make themselves appear different. Confidence is all about self-worth, and there are ways to achieve it from the outside in…

Positive Self-Talk

It is a thing that you may think is usually reserved for sportspeople and “hippies” but having a round of positive self-talk in the mirror or away from prying eyes is a great habit to get into. While it may sound like it is a pointless pursuit, there is some science behind it! It is a fact that your brain cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is fake. You can, of course, but this is why people talk so much about the power of positivity and motivating yourself. And if you don’t believe me, why are there so many people that suffer from self-fulfilling prophecies? Because they believed that they couldn’t do something, so they didn’t! All you need is five minutes in the morning to repeat a little mantra to yourself (you need to say it loud, you can’t think it). Something as simple as “I am super confident” repeated over and over will make you feel pretty good, and you’ll see why athletes get so pumped before a game.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

A very common approach that people do when they don’t have the skills to get them through a key problem, whether they are running a business or they need to learn how to do something, many people really go for the “fake it ‘til you make it” style of learning. It’s all about projecting a certain image, and then eventually your brain will catch up to the notion and start thinking that way. It is in many ways an extension of self-talk, by dressing a certain way, or by holding yourself up higher in your posture you are communicating to the world that you are confident. Changing your image is one big way people give themselves an overhaul, and there are many ways people do it, from wearing contact lenses of different colours to changing the colour of their hair! These are things people do when they are unhappy with how they are projecting themselves to the world, and need to make a change to assert their identity. If you want to project something completely different to who you think you are being perceived as this is a perfect start to giving yourself that positive change internally. It is very hard to fake it at the start, but this is why you need to apply these two tools to your life if you want to change your image and your confidence.  


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