Sunrise In Bangkok

sunrise in Bangkok

shooting sunrise

It’s been more than a week since my last blog post as I’m traveling in Thailand now and everyday is so full on! But it’s time for a quick update on what’s happening right now.

I’ve always wanted to shoot some sunrise photos but never really made an effort for it. You know, I love my sleep. This trip to Bangkok just changed everything.

Our inbound flight to Bangkok was delayed for 3 hours, the taxi ride from Bangkok airport was extremely slow too because of traffic jam. When we got the hotel, it was nearly midnight  local time as apposed to 5:30 in the afternoon. The next morning I woke up, it was 6am in the morning Bangkok time and 10am Sydney time. I slowly opened the window curtain from my hotel room…What a nice surprise.  The room is high up with an with a huge floor to ceiling widow looking out to South, east and west. What an amazing view! Sunrise on that day was 6:35am so it was the perfect time to shoot sunrise without moving far at all.  Never did I dream of getting up to shoot sunrise so effortlessly. Obviously the 4 hours time difference helped!

Thank you Bangkok. You made my dream become true.


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