Pack Like a Pro For Your Spring Get Away

Pack like a pro

It’s All in the Layers

This time of year is all about the layers. Layers are king as they mean multiple outfit options whilst also allowing you to pile them up if the weather is chillier than expected. Therefore if you pack a couple of vests, light long sleeved tops, cotton cardigans and one lightweight sweater you are pretty much sorted for every potential weather variation. You call peel off and pile on according to the changing temperatures around you.

Footwear Essentials

Depending on the type of weekend break you’re going on, think carefully about the type of footwear you’ll need. City or sightseeing holidays, think comfortable yet chic pumps or ankle boots. Trekking or action weekends obviously require the appropriate footwear, however you must also think about adding another pair for evening meals if you want to glam it up in the evenings. Beach holidays are a breeze as sandals barely take up any room, so you can feel free to pack a couple of pairs, one pair of flats for the day and one pair of heels or wedges for a spot of evening sophistication.

Top Layers

So deciding on the jackets that you want to take, think about a jacket that is the most versatile. A leather jacket pretty much goes with everything and offers warmth if the weather dips for an afternoon. So think of jackets that will go with your casual daytime outfits whilst also being suitable to go well with any evening outfits you have planned.

Core Items

Think about your staple, core items for Saturday and Sunday. Summer dresses are fantastic for packing as they take up very little room. A pair of jeans is a must-have for spring (Autumn) get-aways to cover us up for chilly evenings. And think about one special night time outfit if you’re keen to get glammed up one evening on your trip away.

Don’t Forget the Forgettable

There are then the items that we always tend to forget. You know the kind, phone and laptop chargers, toothpaste and deodorant, plasters if you’re taking new shoes. You know the ones we’re talking about. So run through your weekend and what you’re going to be doing and visualise all the essential items you are going to need to make sure your weekend runs smoothly so all you need to focus on is enjoying some well-earned R&R.


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